Carol Carter

18 May 2010

Three new Watercolors from the Everglades

I had a chance to paint yesterday and I finished these three watercolors. I am getting ready to wind up my trip here.. and want to finish as many watercolors as possible for my talk at the Ernest Coe Center on Friday. I will show 16 watercolors and give a demonstration of my technique.

Cerisa and I [my park ranger friend] went to Double D Cypress Dome yesterday. It was a magical experience-- with wading in the water and muck in bare feet!

It was absolutely astounding to see the reflections and reverence of the trees!

Cerisa went before me to ward off gators [seriously!]... and I stayed behind to snap as many photos as I could.

All was well.. until the loads of hungry mosquitoes descended on us.. and ate us alive!

There are not bugs like the bugs in the GLADES!

Anyway, we hightailed it out ofthere.. and went on the Mahogany Hammock until the sunset. We photographed the sunset until evening.

Upon driving home we found crossing the road -- first a Tegu Lizard...and then a corn snake.
Such a great evening!

Thank you Cerisa~

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