Carol Carter

10 May 2010

Two Beautiful Days in the Everglades

So, yesterday and today... maybe Saturday too.... were gorgeous days here in the Glades.
It's HOT... but otherwise, beautiful sunlight... and no bugs.

I went to the Alligator Farm yesterday...and then lunch in Islamorada in the Keys. T'was a nice Mother's Day!

I wake up each morning at dawn to see the sunrise over the park... and each evening I roam the park for two hours at dusk looking and documenting the sunset.

It NEVER fails to inspire me! The park is truly spectacular.... and I am always amazed at the beauty.

I was weary of photographing today--- and spent the day indoors painting. I will post these paintings soon. Later though...I will shoot the sunset.

The Keys were beautiful -- perhaps this weekend I will get there again ...

I am sunburned, poison ivy, bitten, and happy!

Yesterday I witnessed two gators have courtship, romance, and then mate! It was amazing! The ONLY reason I knew this was happening was I had learned about it the day before on a hike with a naturalist. She explained the sequence of events... and they happened just as outlined!

I also parked my truck over a bee's territory while photographing.. and made them MAD.... and rescued one injured turtle from the highway.


more to come.

I feel so lucky to be here!

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kae pea said...

sounds and LOOKS like quite a wonderful, peaceful & spiritual adventure! Your pics are beautiful and you are missed.

Carol Carter said...

hi kristen, it is a wonderful time... so peaceful and magical. it never fails to amaze me... the beauty and serenity. i took two days off.. to just paint. i just couldn't photograph anymore!
hope your internship is going well. i know you'll love it. call you when i get back. xoc

Unknown said...

Carol you truly are a Florida girl when you rescue the turtles!

Carol Carter said...

i agree dawna... i feel so bad when the turtles are in the road.. hurt or unhurt. i try to be careful.. and scoot them off.