Carol Carter

30 January 2010

Italy again- acrylic

The show continues.

I am now mostly settled in my new bungalow ... and able to resume work on LITTLE ITALY.

This piece was largely unsuccessful... until I challenged myself to finish.

I proceeded to do a lot of things to solve the areas that weren't working by painting them out. I painted the whole light side of the angel with light value blue-- then added Quin Gold wash on top.

I added texture over the whole painting to unify and bring out deep wall values. All in all.. I learned a lot and ended up liking it much more than I would of ... if the painting had gone the way I originally scripted.

This is when -- I believe -- the painting has something to 'teach you" ... if one is humble enough to accept the lesson.

Italy 42
12" h x 12" w

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27 January 2010

Strength in Numbers- watercolor

Here is the finished version of STRENGTH IN NUMBERS.

I finally carved out an additional few days to finish this piece begun last fall.

I posted it on Facebook -- and have gotten a few favorable responses.

The title for the piece came to me when I considered how tall and fragile these majestic flowers are... and how much more capable and beautiful they are when they are surrounded by each other.

A perfect metaphor for life!

Strength in Numbers
40" h x 30" w

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24 January 2010

HEC-TV State of the ARTS

Thursday and Friday of last week -- Aaron Mermelstein and Donovan came to my studio to film a segment about art and painting in St. Louis.

The show is titled:
STATE OF THE ARTS and will be shown on HEC-TV in March. I will, of course, blog about which date -- so everyone can tune in!

It was a super fun day -- and a lot of work. We did a segment on my watercoloring -- and another interview.

They also filmed at the opening lat night -- at the Schmidt Art Center --.

There is a lot of time and energy that goes into make the filming 'right.' I saw how they worked to light and angle and discuss. We filmed for 3 hours on Thursday and 3 hours on Friday -- and the segment will probably be somewhere around 10-15 minutes [i guess]

I was so impressed with the professionalism and expertise!

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21 January 2010

Opening! Schmidt Art Center

It was a fabulous opening tonight at the Schmidt Art Center. A lot of people showed up.... special thanks to Ray Hunter and Aaron Mermelstein who made me laugh!

It was a thrill to see ALL the portraits together on a wall for the FIRST time!

The installation was fabulous--- Libby Reuter did a tremendous jog of spacing the work throughout the gallery.

I hope you are able to make it over to Belleville to see!

Here's Looking at You
Contemporary Portraits
Schmidt Art Center
Southwestern Illinois College
Belleville, IL

Exhibition runs through March 6th

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20 January 2010

Opening Tomorrow Evening- SCHMIDT ART CENTER

Opening tomorrow evening
Carol Carter, Growth Portraits (detail).
Here's Looking at You:
Contemporary Portraits
Highlighting the ways artists use drawing, painting, printmaking, and photography to show the physical charachteristics and personalities of interesting individuals.
Opening reception will be held Thursday, January 21, 6 - 8 p.m. at the SCHMIDT CENTER FOR ART.

Please join me at the evening reception! I look forward to meeting you.

18 January 2010

Poplar Trees

I fleshed out more of these trees today. i like some of the feel of it so far...
there is movement and a softness to the tree.

there will probably be another few hours to tweak it in a couple of days... but for the most part.. it is complete.

i am charging ahead now.. with the Italian work to get it finished by the spring for a showing.

there are about 15 more pieces to be completed.. and then i'll be done.

Italy 49
12" h x 12" w
largely finished
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16 January 2010

more and more italy!

today was a fruitful day in the studio... i had a good long stretch of time to work.. and did my best to nail down some finishing touches on 4 paintings. although i still need work on the last one.. i can safely say... 3 are done.. and a good beginning on the poplar trees.

i am gathering up steam...... to finish the show.. and get it done in time for a spring opening.

i really like the whole exhibition --- i took out the 25 paintings today for an overview.

the palette for the show is musky and rich. the colors remind me of the earthen colors i found in Tuscany... Naples Yellow, Red Oxide, Green Gold, Baltic Blue, Forest Green.....


Italy 45, 46, 37, 48
12" h x 12" w
mostly finished

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13 January 2010

Italy continues!

well.. the move of my home.. from one location to another is almost done. it took a lot of effort and was draining on all levels.

i'm happy to now have some time in the studio to continue working on my italy show.

i worked 3 acrylics today -- and felt good about the progress on one of them.

on friday -- i'll continue with the rest.

i have 5 beginning paintings.. and would like to be able to add these to the exhibition by the end of the weekend.

we shall see if i can get this done!

Italy Carousel
12" h x 12" w

Italy Angel
12" h x 12" w

Italy Arch
12" h x 12" w
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12 January 2010

EVERGLADES National Park Artist-in-Residence

Today I received a call telling me that I was chosen to be an artist-in-residence at the EVERGLADES National Park in Florida.

This is a national competition that I entered almost a year ago ... and really wanted to be included.

I am thrilled to be spending a month there this summer!

I have to be able to spend May or June there -- and am currently checking my schedule to see if it fits.

Wow... great new imagery to go with my series on the northern Everglades [sugar farm country] from 15 years ago.

whoo hoo!

09 January 2010

Shanghai, China

This self-portrait watercolor was accepted in an exhibition in Shanghai, China today.

It will be neat to see it in an international competition so far away.

Two at Fifty
22" h x 50" w
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07 January 2010

Watercolor Workshop- Washington Missouri

February 20 - February 21, 2010
The Mid-Missouri Fine Arts Society presents a workshop with St. Louis-based, internationally-recognized watercolor artist Carol Carter.
Location: Washington City Hall, 405 Jefferson Street
Washington, Missouri (directions mailed with confirmation)
Time: 9am to 4pm each day with 1 hour lunch break
Cost: $150 for MMFAS members (must have been a member at least 3 months)
$200 for non-members
Workshop is open to artists of all levels. Space is limited! To reserve your space, send a $50 non-refundable deposit to: Miriam Krone, 4187 Highway KK, New Haven, MO 63063. Check made out to MMFAS.
Questions? Contact Miriam at 573-237-5580 or

05 January 2010

The Big Move!

I have been moving the last few days which has occupied ALL my time and attention.

It's NOT over I haven't had the time to unpack my belongings and settle in. I've been real busy ... getting my town house ready for tenants who are arriving on Thursday from California.

I am about done with the project and will be able to work on setting up my new arts and crafts duplex.

It's been a challenge -- but good for change and a sign of new beginnings!

Happy New Year!
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