Carol Carter

31 July 2013

Man-Mo Temple

Man-Mo Temple
Hollywood Road
Hong Kong

latest version
25" x 40"
Asian Influence

30 July 2013

Temple Man Mo- Hong Kong, China

The most beautiful temple-- Man Mo is in downtown Hong Kong.    My friend-- Zhiwen took me there or our walk throughout the city.  I was totally mesmerized by it.

I plan to do a number of paintings from various aspects of this temple- and this is my first attempt.

There are rows and rows of incense hanging from the ceiling.  These incense are in various states of being burned.... smoking and smouldering and being fragrant.

The sights and sounds were intoxicating!

The step-by-step is to illustrate how I went about this painting.  I am not quite sure it's completed--but I will revisit it in a few weeks to make the final touches.

Temple Man Mo
Hong Kong, China
28" x 40"
Asian Influence
in progress

22 July 2013

Door County Watercolor Workshop! Peninsula School of Art: Fish Creek, Wisconsin

I just returned from teaching a watercolor workshop in Door County Wisconsin.  It was a wonderful class with delightful artists from all over the Midwest.  All the students were attentive and creative-- listening to instruction and soaking everything in.

The Peninsula School of Art invited me to teach watercolor for the second time.  It is located in Fish Creek, Wisconsin in gorgeous Door County.

The school is located on a hill-- just outside of the village.  The village is teaming with tourists this time of year-- for the summer season.

There is biking, hiking, dining, sunsets, sunrise,  beautiful Peninsula State Park, loads of art galleries, artists, music, music festivals-- and this week-- a nationally recognized plein air art paint out!

So much energy and activity there!

Not to mention... the CHERRIES are ready for harvest!  So... all sorts of cherries-- and chocolate covered cherries, cherry wine, cherry juice, cherry pie, cherry tarts... cherry-everything!!

Lovely lovely place to visit.. to paint... to experience.

The students were wonderful...  Peninsula School of Art was terrific... the whole experience was perfect.


Thank you to everyone who traveled to make the workshop... and thank you Peninsula for the invitation to teach.

Door County is an amazing place!

17 July 2013

L'Exposition France 2013

Here are four new paintings for my upcoming one person exhibition in Toulouse France next year.

I am working on 40 watercolors that will be displayed during March 2014.  I hope you are able to join me for the exhibition, opening reception, and workshop.

Please email me for details.

All the work is original watercolors of French imagery.  Each painting depicts a small aspect of French life today.... rich, varied, intimate.

Château de Bourdeilles
11" x 15"

Whiskey Datura
15" x 11"

Château de Bourdeilles
11" x 15"

Pooch in a Bag
15" x 11"

all available for pre-purchase- but must remain in exhibition till mid-April: email for particulars

International Watercolor Society, TURKEY

International Watercolor Society
exhibition catalogue

RIVER OF GRASS- Everglades National Park

River of Grass

Everglades National Park
Art Residency
50" h x 150" w
available for purchase

Harry and Hanley Project- St. Louis Missouri

I was invited to participate in the Harry and Hanley Project to benefit the APA-- Animal Protective Agency of St. Louis.

Twenty artists were asked to decorate and paint 10 sculptures of cats and 10 of dogs.

Each sculpture was then clear coated and mounted on a secure pedestal in and around St. Louis.

The pedestals are secure-- with a plaque containing information about the event.

My BIG KITTY is in Shaw Park.  It is situated on the corner of Brentwood Blvd and Forsyth Avenue.

He is waving to the traffic!

I believe he will be on display until the Fall-  in which he will be auctioned to highest bidder-- and proceeds going to benefit the APA.

Yay for BIG KITTY!

fiberglass and paint
65" x 30" x 30"
available for auction

15 July 2013

Revisiting an Familiar Theme

Sunset Lanterns is a reworked watercolor from the Spring.  I have layered and peppered every lantern with new wash, glow, and color.

The intense color makes for more festivity and edge.


Sunset Lanterns
22" x 30"

Asian Influence

Asian Influence

New work 
from the 
Asian Influence Series

I have a few paintings begun in this interesting serie that is captivating my attention.
A small show is brewing!

More to come of course... but here is a sample.

China Fish
12" x 40" 

A Gift of Life
30" x 22"

Snail Bags
22" x 30" 


I am exhibiting some small INTRUDERS at 6 North Cafe in Ballwin MO.  Please go have a cuppa and take a look.

Each painting is beautifully framed and installed.

Let me hear from you if you go!

6 North Cafe
Clayton Road
North of 141