Carol Carter

29 July 2012


What a great surprise the OPEN STUDIO was on the CAM CITY WIDE OPEN STUDIO tour!

I had a ton of people... lots of friends and clients... and new faces.  The neighborhood was supportive-- with many residents coming to visit.

I was overwhelmed when the bus from the Contemporary Art Museum stopped by with 30 people!
What a rush of humanity!

Lovely day-- not too hot....  plenty of camaraderie and conversation.
The weather cooperated - it was not a triple-digit day.

I even made a few sales.  [see above]

Precious Daisy showed up with her Mom-- Amy.... and the GIRLS NIGHT OUT group too.

Thank you to everyone who came to support me.  I REALLY appreciate your visit--- and look forward to seeing everyone again real soon!

25 July 2012

New Watercolors

I have been so busy getting ready to teach in France-- and preparing demos etc... that I hardly have time to paint.

Additionally-- I have an OPEN STUDIO this Saturday-- so today was spent getting the place ready.
Painting, patching, scrubbing, cleaning, organizing, etc.

The whole place is spotless--- and ready for the day!

We hung paintings-- that will show a variety of works.   There will be many more to choose from.

I will be showing new work, works in progress, and finished pieces.

Some paintings from The Italian Suite will aslo be on display.

There will be another 70 studios throughout the city open... so ya'll come!

Everyone is invited.
Please come!

City Wide Open Studios
July 28
10 am to 4 m

my studio

3156 Shenandoah Avenue
St. Louis, MO  63104

Chinese Lanterns
22" h x 30" w
in progress

Two Boats
11" h x 15" w

16 July 2012

Framing for the OPEN STUDIO

I did some framing for the CITY WIDE OPEN STUDIO on July 28.

Please consider yourself invited!

I will have all sorts of new work-- framed, unframed, finished, in progress.

It will be a good time!

I will also have some treats and drinks-- to replenish you battery.

The above photos are a taste of what you'll see!

Ya'll come!!


July 28 Saturday

10 am - 4 pm

My studio address:

3156 Shenandoah
St. Louis, MO  63104


08 July 2012

Self Portrait 1985

Portrait... the EXCEDERIN way!

I have been digitzing older painting as I run across them in my studio.

The large blue self portrait is a large scale watercolor from 1985.

I did  a show of self portraits for Mark Twain Bank that year.  It was my first solo exhibition after graduating from Washington University with my MFA.

Adam Aronson was President of Mark Twain and was a vast supporter of local art.  He had a keen interest in launching careers and helping them grow.

The show consisted of 10 self portraits in 10 weeks.  Quite ambitious!

Blue Self is one of two from the exhibition.  The rest were either sold, destroyed, or stolen.  Yes, stolen.

I will tell that story later.

I enjoy this painting on so many levels.  I'm glad it's still with me.

Blue Self
40" h x 60" w

03 July 2012


More photos of the CONDO!

Condo with Furniture

A view of my condo with furniture.  I have been moving in the last few weeks.... settling in with my furniture and belongings.  I think I will keep things simple-- and not put out all the clutter this time.

The condo is smaller-- and downsizing is important.

I want to lead a more streamlined life.

Let me know what you think!

Over the next few weeks-- I'll add additional photos to share with you the progress.