Carol Carter

31 October 2009

Gladiloas- watercolor

this watercolor is about halfway finished... and has turned into something other than what i intended. i worked on making it according to my 'mind's eye' image.. but it fell short. now.. it's turning into something different. at this point.. i will let the painting lead me to a different destination.

i will repost when it's completed.

40" h x 30" w
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27 October 2009

ITALY--- Acyrlics Taking Shape

I continue to chisel away one the LITTLE ITALY series.... It's more of a challenge than it should be... mostly because of the time-crunch.

I have little time to paint... with teaching twice a week... who KNEW?

Anyway, I have bolstered up 5-6 paintings.. and will continue more tomorrow.

Here is a sampling.... you can see where the show is going... and how the palette for the exhibition is progressing.

There is a lot of RED OXIDE and NAPLES YELLOW. I also like the combo of THALO GREEN with RED CRIMSON. The lighter greys are BALTIC GREEN, with LIGHT BLUE VIOLET.

I am trying to stay away from too much definition [realism]. and leave a little for mystery and nuance.

None of these paintings are done... but they are mostly done..and give me a direction.

After I begin the other pieces for the show... I frequently return to earlier works to clean up and finish. This allows me a dispassionate clarity... as I am no longer attached.

Italy 7, 8, 9, and 10

acrylic on Ampersand gessobord
12"h x 12" w


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22 October 2009

Teaching today with Kent Addison

Kent Addison -- a well known and accomplished watercolorist-- nationally recognized and exhibited... visited my class and shared his icredible work.

We all learned a lot -- and I felt very priveleged that he would be so generous with his time and word.

His work is beautiful.. and his kind soul came through at every turn.

Thank you Kent! We all loved your presentation!
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20 October 2009


Here we come... another small acrylic. The show is beginning to take shape. i have completed about 4 small paintings.. with another 3 half done.

In a few days.... I will be able to post more of them. I am seduced by the Naples Yellow and musky RED OXIDE from Liquitex. Both pigments have permeated my work.

Some of the paintings are on AMPERSAND gessoed shadowbox. I like the look and surface, and they won't need frames!

Italy 7 [to be titled later]
12" h x 12" w
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17 October 2009

Bearded Iris- watercolor

The watercolor was not "happening" for me... so i reworked and reworked and reworked it.

i ended up putting frisket over almost all of it... in an attempt to do something totally out of the box for me.

it took a long time.. as i was not motivated....

but.. the other day in the studio... i decided to lay a yellow and blue wash over entire flower.

after letting it dry.. i rubbed off frisket and this is what i got.

i like it enough now.. to go ahead and finish.

i will show the final version here... once that is done.

Bearded Iris
40" h x 40" w
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12 October 2009


Here is the article in AMERICAN ARTIST magazine for DECEMBER 09.

It's a brand new article on the GROWTH PORTRAITS written by M. Stephen Doherty, editor-in-chief.

A lovely article on the development of the series -- and one that I will be proud to share with everyone.

Please look for it in your newsstand or favorite art store.

I would love to hear from you -- after you read it.

I feel very honored seeing my work in print.

Thanks again Stephen-- I appreciate all your insight and sensitivity.

American Artist Magazine
December 2009
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10 October 2009

Happy Client!--- watercolor

My day got an unexpected lift--- some clients stopped by the studio while I was working.. and asked to see some work. Of course, I love to share work and I began bringing out the latest.

They ended up loving some new watercolors-- 3 figurative swimmers [see photo]
and a large botanical swamp painting [Florida Corkscrew Nature Preserve]. I had been reworking parts of it as late as yesterday!

The chose 5 paintings to purchase... and that makes for a GREAT day!

They also purchased 4 paintings from me about 25 years ago -- so they have quite a spread of my work.

I'll be included photos of the swamp watercolor later -- as well as photos of the older paintings in their collection.

Woo hoo~

14" h x 11" w
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05 October 2009

Italy-- Acrylic

I am beginning to gather some steam with my show about Italy. These paintings have been knocking about in my head for some time . The last couple of weeks I have worked on these two landscapes.

i'm pleased with the direction the work is going in.. and i'm also working on AMPERSAND GESSOBORD. These 2" cradles -- won't require a frame... and I'm painting the edges dark.

So far... I like them -- and will be sharing the rest of the paintings as they emerge.

16" h x 20" w

16" h x 20" w
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