Carol Carter

01 December 2013

Poetry by Jeffrey Agnoli

Book of Poetry
Jeffrey Agnoli

Carol Carter

I was invited to be included in a book of poetry by Jeff Agnoli.  He contacted me through internet to ask permission to use my paintings to illustrate his poems.

He has created a lovely work of art--- in this delightful and thoughtful book.

I am honored and thrilled to be included!

Book is available through


Wokshop at Crystal Mountain in Michigan

Marvelous article on the workshop I am offering at Crystal Mountain Resort in Thompsonville, MI.

The workshop is a 5 day one-- with 2 free days for relaxation and a tour.

Because the workshop is at a  "resort" -- there will be plenty of diversion.  Tennis, pool, jacuzzi, golf, exercise, massage, etc.

I am thrilled to be going!

The group will have all meals together--- festive and gourmet!

MAY 4 - 9 2014

Big Michigan Watercolor Adventure
Crystal Mountain Resort

Contact: 1800 968-7686 ext 5100

Ask for: "Big Michigan Watercolor Adventure"

Please come!  Places are limited!!!

15 November 2013

Skyy- Postcards From the Edge of Florida-- new watercolor!

I am embarking on new skyy paintings in my watercolor for the upcoming show:

Postcards From The Edge of Florida.

I was mesmerized by the skies in South Florida on my last trip.  I had to pull over on the highway and photograph.  I could NOT believe how beautiful and captivating the rolling clouds were.

The overwhelming beauty was somthing to behold!

I only hope I can capture a fraction of it with watercolor.....  a hope, prayer, and challenge.


10" x 8"
Postcards From The Edge of Florida
January 11, 2014 opening

11 November 2013

08 November 2013

Florida Show in January 2014


new watercolor
Carol Carter

St Petersburg, Florida

January 11, 2014

5 - 9 pm

All invited!

Gator Watercolor!

50" h x 32" w

I love me some GATORS!

beautiful watercolor I did for the exhibition
if work in
St Petersburg Florida
in January 2014

New Gallery opening in MIAMI!

New art gallery opening in Miami-- SIRONA FINE ART!

I am included in the inaugural exhibition--- introducing the new gallery to the "hot" Miami art scene!

I am thrilled and excited to be exhibiting in South Florida--- home of my ROOTS!

Please consider yourself invited to the opening party-- if you are in the area.

DECEMBER 7, 2013

6 - 9 pm

31 October 2013

Ablution-- Triptych watercolor: Hot Off The Press

I've just finished my first figurative swimmer watercolor in a long long time.
It is different for me.  The figure is more fractured and abstracted with water.

It started out as one-- and kept developing.

I will have this on display at my Florida show in January.

Details to follow.

Lecture at The WILLOWS

Please Join me
The Willows
Tuesday, November 12
1:00 pm
for a 
about my work


30 September 2013

Please join me 


Friday, October 4, 2013
6 - 8 pm

Wine and hors d'oeuvres

Gladden Hair Design
7725 Clayton Road
Clayton, MO  63105
 (314) 725-9887

05 September 2013

CRATE & BARREL Gator Print now in Store

The GATOR print has finally come to St. Louis Boulevard Crate & Barrel.  It was so cool to see the two of them hanging in the furniture section of store.

You can also order the prints online !

Let me know if you see either of these prints in your town.

03 September 2013

Switching Over to Painting FLORIDA!

I have begun a new, smaller series of works--- for a show in FLORIDA that will be held in St. Petersburg in January 2014.

I will be exhibiting at a friend's studio-- for the Open Studio Tour Night.  I am so exicited to do this!

So... here goes to creating some paintings based on the beautiful West coast of Florida!

11" x 15"

Life Guard Station Maquette
15" x 22"

5" x 7"

02 September 2013

France! Last of the watercolors to round out the exhibition in Toulouse

Last 3 or 4 paintings to round out the exhibition to be shown in Toulouse France next spring.

I am excited to share this work~   40 watercolors of impressions of France.  Many paintings are from Toulouse--- others are from surrounding areas.

All of it is fun- delightful--- and immediate watercolor

Please come to the show if you live nearby -- I would love to meet you~~

French Pears
15" x 11"

French Garlic
15" x 11"

15" x 11"

all available for purchase

16 August 2013

Back To France

Two small watercolors for my show in France next spring.  Lovely lovely lovely there.  So excited to go back!

I am almost done with the exhibition.  40 watercolors of small views of France.  Here are two that I finished today.

The Metro Station is almost done-- still needs some tweaking.

The Haystacks are definitely done.

Tell me what you think!

It's fun and daring to paint between France and Asia.  Two differing perspectives... two differing sensibilities...!

11" x 15"

11" x 15"

14 August 2013


These beautiful monk's robes were hanging from the balcony on a warm day in Ko Samui Thailand at the Big Buddha Temple.

I felt comfortable taking the photo-- and then subsequently painting the robes---  as a symbol of their floating spiritual presence all around the shrine.

The monks weren't visible at the shrines. You could feel their presence-- but they kept a low profile.

There was only one-- who was tying blessings-strings on tourist's wrists.

Don't you love the pure, ethereal quality of the fabric?  and the sunshiney, intense orange?

22" x 15"
Asian Influence

06 August 2013

Goldies!! Goldfish in a Bag-- Watercolor from Asian Influence Series

These goldfish ROCK!  I am finally getting the hang of painting what my heart saw on Tung Choi Street in Hong Kong!

Those precious and fragile fishes-- swimming away in their perfect little water-worlds!


and what makes it more special-- is that they are loved and appreciated-- and taken home as beloved pets.

22" x 30"
Asian Influence

03 August 2013

Final and last version of Temple Man Mo.  The changes are probably imperceptible-- but still-- there are changes.

Thank you thank you for taking this journey of evolution with me.  The temple is certainly a rich place for imagery.  I plan to mine it again for a painting.

The red and gold are reminisent of the palette that assaults your senses-- once you enter the temple.  It is sacred, mysterious, steamy, and shrouded in tradition.

It will take many pantings to convey!

Please let me know your thoughts!

Temple Man Mo
25" x 40"
email for purchase

31 July 2013

Man-Mo Temple

Man-Mo Temple
Hollywood Road
Hong Kong

latest version
25" x 40"
Asian Influence

30 July 2013

Temple Man Mo- Hong Kong, China

The most beautiful temple-- Man Mo is in downtown Hong Kong.    My friend-- Zhiwen took me there or our walk throughout the city.  I was totally mesmerized by it.

I plan to do a number of paintings from various aspects of this temple- and this is my first attempt.

There are rows and rows of incense hanging from the ceiling.  These incense are in various states of being burned.... smoking and smouldering and being fragrant.

The sights and sounds were intoxicating!

The step-by-step is to illustrate how I went about this painting.  I am not quite sure it's completed--but I will revisit it in a few weeks to make the final touches.

Temple Man Mo
Hong Kong, China
28" x 40"
Asian Influence
in progress

22 July 2013

Door County Watercolor Workshop! Peninsula School of Art: Fish Creek, Wisconsin

I just returned from teaching a watercolor workshop in Door County Wisconsin.  It was a wonderful class with delightful artists from all over the Midwest.  All the students were attentive and creative-- listening to instruction and soaking everything in.

The Peninsula School of Art invited me to teach watercolor for the second time.  It is located in Fish Creek, Wisconsin in gorgeous Door County.

The school is located on a hill-- just outside of the village.  The village is teaming with tourists this time of year-- for the summer season.

There is biking, hiking, dining, sunsets, sunrise,  beautiful Peninsula State Park, loads of art galleries, artists, music, music festivals-- and this week-- a nationally recognized plein air art paint out!

So much energy and activity there!

Not to mention... the CHERRIES are ready for harvest!  So... all sorts of cherries-- and chocolate covered cherries, cherry wine, cherry juice, cherry pie, cherry tarts... cherry-everything!!

Lovely lovely place to visit.. to paint... to experience.

The students were wonderful...  Peninsula School of Art was terrific... the whole experience was perfect.


Thank you to everyone who traveled to make the workshop... and thank you Peninsula for the invitation to teach.

Door County is an amazing place!

17 July 2013

L'Exposition France 2013

Here are four new paintings for my upcoming one person exhibition in Toulouse France next year.

I am working on 40 watercolors that will be displayed during March 2014.  I hope you are able to join me for the exhibition, opening reception, and workshop.

Please email me for details.

All the work is original watercolors of French imagery.  Each painting depicts a small aspect of French life today.... rich, varied, intimate.

Château de Bourdeilles
11" x 15"

Whiskey Datura
15" x 11"

Château de Bourdeilles
11" x 15"

Pooch in a Bag
15" x 11"

all available for pre-purchase- but must remain in exhibition till mid-April: email for particulars

International Watercolor Society, TURKEY

International Watercolor Society
exhibition catalogue

RIVER OF GRASS- Everglades National Park

River of Grass

Everglades National Park
Art Residency
50" h x 150" w
available for purchase