Carol Carter

30 March 2008


a gesture for a larger painting..... i like some of the movement of the hair. i also added a Prussian Blue wash over the pool [which doesn't appear here] that gives is more value and depth.

11 x 14 arches cold press
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28 March 2008

Flight of Fancy

another acrylic in the series- Metamorphosis.

butterflies are throughout and suspended... creating a winged brilliance for figure.

acrylic on panel- 40 h x 12 w
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25 March 2008


this is the fourth panel to the THREESOME on the home page of my website. [i guess i'll change the title of the series now....]

i have photographed all four... and will post soon... but.. i like this painting so much-- i wanted to feature it on it's own merits. it just swims and glows.....

a bittersweet image, for sure... but real art is born of emotion.

40 x 30 arches 300 lb. cold-press
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19 March 2008


you know... we are always growing and changing.
sometimes it's by choice.... and other times it's by life.
i am being asked to grow right now -- by circumstances in my life....
learning to exercise my 'wings' of new-potential and character.
the series on butterflies is about change.
sometimes my new life is comfortable and other times i feel overwhelmed.
this small watercolor is a bit of reflection on the acceptance of change.
arches 300 lb. 11 x 14
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11 March 2008


the juxtaposition of these swimmers create a strong composition that's slightly disquieting and unexpected in it's symmetry-

i like the strong dynamics and the rich palette.

each panel is 30 x 22
overall image is 30 x 45
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07 March 2008

Time is a Thief

watercolor of a suspension in time and space. the painting measures 25 x 40 and completed recently
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