Carol Carter

31 May 2009

another tutorial watercolor

this is a full sheet watercolor -- of a swamp botanical that i've been painting the last few days.

it's not done.. and probably won't be done for a while... as i am fatigued with it... i don't like solving a paintings when i am not enthusiastic.

i always find it best... to set aside paintings in mid state -- after the struggle... and let them 'rest.' they can sit around the studio -- out of sight... until a time when i look at them.. and feel compelled to answer the last problems with 'fresh eyes and insight.'

over the last year... i have come to see that this is the best way for me to work.

it's as though.. i have the 'gun-ho' attitude through the beginning and middle of painting... then lose the tempo.... or become distracted.

to finish it.... in a less than devoted state.. would be a disservice to the work and the message.

returning to a painting after a rest time... . allows me the clarity of perspective as well as the ability to make decisions that are 'right' and not timid~!

so... stay tuned for the last state of this piece later in the month.

40" h x 30" w Arches 300 lb cp
2009 unfinished
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28 May 2009

Happy Day

Today I delivered a watercolor that I sold to a terrific client. She and her husband had also bought a few paintings of mine before. The acrylic on paper is a large painting I did about 12 years ago -- titled Insomnia.

I really enjoyed seeing it!

The Tulips for Emily watercolor will go in her dining room.

It was a lovely day -- visiting with her -- and seeing her beautiful home.

70" h x 50" w

Tulips for Emily
35" h x 28" w

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26 May 2009

Goin' Coconuts -- Watercolor

Getting closer! I made some time yesterday... to paint the last coconut in this watercolor. It's always a challenge to paint in the last passages of a watercolor -- because so much depends on the value system already painted.

I have particular challenges with value -- so I'm constantly aware of making the right value decisions towards the end of a painting.

I knew that I need the last coconut to be a simple washe -- and light in value [on top]. I waited until a rainy day to lay in the wash.

In my work-- the last passages are definitely the "key" to the painting... so they have to be "right." [definition of "right": well painted, easy to the eyes, with proper value and fluidity]

Background washes are less important .. and one can "get away" with awkward passages... but not foreground or subject oriented passages!

I'm almost done now.... all i have to do is continue to paint in the related white stems of the botanicals surrounding the coconuts.

I plan to feature this painting on a marketing have to get it done soon.

South Florida Cocos
22" h x 30" w
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25 May 2009

Tulips for Emily- Watercolor

Today is a day to remember those serving in the military who gave their all for our freedom.

Memorial Day -- a day of honor, gratitude, reflection.

My father was a career officer in the Air Force: Staff Judge Advocate-- rising to the rank of Full Colonel. He was asked to become General- but declined and chose retirement instead.

I grew up in the military -- so I have a profound respect and admiration for what the armed forces stand for.

My father was my hero: Colonel Samuel Filson Carter.


Tulips for Emily sold yesterday. It is a bitter sweet painting-- because of it's inception. The beautiful tulips are glorious... colorful and glowing in the sun.

I painted them as a tribute to my neighbor's daughter -- Emily -- who was tragically taken from us a year ago.

Thankfully -- the painting will end up with Emily's family as a tribute and honor for their daughter.

We will always remember Emily!

Tulips for Emily
30" h x 22 " w each panel
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19 May 2009

Mari Rockett

Dragonfire Gallery - invited all their artists to do a tribute painting in honor of founder -- MARI ROCKETT who passed last month.

Each painting will be featured on the "Mari Wall" in the gallery this summer. The proceeds from the sale of these paintings will generate monies for a sculpture -- to be installed in Ecola Square in memory of Mari.

My small painting is what i believe Mari gave to everyone.... Mari shared her light -- her wisdom.... her joy.

The world was a brighter place with her presence.

Mari's Gift
11 " h x 11" w
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18 May 2009

Shattered- Watercolor

I am developing a very detailed image of an energized leap out of the pool. it is a metaphor for life. sometimes... with activity.. there is no rhyme or reason --- all is in flux.. and all we can do is capture the verb.

30"h x 22" w
2009 almost finished.
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15 May 2009

second to the last stage -- Goliath Iris watercolor

i photographed this second-to-last stage of this enormous watercolor -- there's one final day of painting on it .. that needs to be documented.

it was fun to go back and rework this image..and pull together a more solid painting. the final painting has a bit more drama... and value.

there's a simple freer abandon or creativity .. on working a previously-resolved painting. with the fresher eyes and perspective... i tend to make bolder and less calculating decisions. it's as though i've been given 'free reign' over the image.. and don't have to have boundaries!

tomorrow.. i will photo the last stage and post it here.

60" h x 40" w
2009 unfinished
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14 May 2009

Going Coconuts! watercolor

i am painting a small watercolor of a head-on of coconuts..from my last trip to FL.

i have used a different paper -- which i like -- Langarelle [?]

and used a white fluid mask around some of the whites [not all.. but some]

we shall see what tomorrow brings in the studio -- when i hope to finish it.

Carol's Coco
22" h x 30" w
2009 unfinished

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10 May 2009

DZine installation

a few paintings from my show at DZINE--- a wonderful space -- full of life, activity, and vitality.

works will be there through the month!

6679 Delmar Blvd
St. Louis, MO 63130
727 -0708

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09 May 2009

new watercolor botanical

here's a companion piece to the previous watercolor i worked on last week.

i'm taking what i learned and applying it to a larger scale, more ambitious painting.

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07 May 2009

Golaith Iris -- watercolor

spent the last few days... reworking a large iris watercolor from a year ago. it's the best... to take some time and do reconsidering of passages to make the painting richer. there's also the risk that you might not make it 'better.'

however, the weather has been cooperating.. and the washes are coming out quite smooth and even.

i am adding some depth as well as 'glow' to the main iris.

60" h x 40" w
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05 May 2009

Final Version- Blessed Morning - Watercolor

i took the time today... to finish the details of this watercolor. it progressed in a way.. to balance the image back to the center. the whites are largely gone-- replaced with golden yellows and some Old Holland Yellow Green.

there's a spooky edge to the piece that i like.

i'm going to steal a title from the poem Rhonda sent!

am installing this piece in a small show today... i will let you know of the response to it.

Blessed Morning
22" h x 30" w
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02 May 2009

Watercolor --- Little Shop of Horrors

Here is friday's work. i paid particular attention to the development of the small shadows and nuances of the interior leaves and patterns. this is the focus of the painting... along with the strong cast purple shadow underneath.

i need to work another day on the interior stems -- to bring out some jewel-like complexities....

Little Shop of Horrors
22" h x 30" w
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