Carol Carter

20 March 2012


Tee Shirt... with all the


The one-of-a-kind tee shirt grew out of my workshop in Baltimore a couple of weeks ago.

A student mentioned she wished that she had my 'rules' close by ... when she continues to paint.

We were brainstorming...and came up with the tee shirt format.

I asked for a list of rules that were important to them -- and condensed it down to the 10 pictured here.

Kristen Powers-- artist extraordinaire..... did the design and lettering.

Isn't it GREAT??

I will be offering them at the Menucha workshop-- and hopefully my students will want them enough to buy 'em!

Love this shirt.. and so happy to be introducing it here.

Watercolor Rules
Tee Shirt
available for order


Studio at the Farm said...

Love your rules, Carol!!! ;)

RH Carpenter said...

This is so cool!!! If you don't run out, I'd like to have one :)

Unknown said...

I LOVE IT! I knew when I saw it that the so talented Kristen Powers had to have something to do with it ;)

It would be neat tie-dyed too!

Carol Carter said...

there will be more available soon... if they run out this time.

yes..melanie... the beautiful kristen did design/lettering!! she's the best!

kathleen Ballard said...

Your "watercolor rules" tees are really fun and original!
WATERCOLOR RULES! (love the double meaning too)!

Carol Carter said...

so true kathleen... i didn't think about the DOUBLE meaning!

Diana said...

love your shirt and rules! Diana

Carol Carter said...

Thank you Diana.... love the rules too.