Carol Carter

31 May 2008

At Every Turn

Watercolor of tulips on Twin Rockers paper --the deckle edge is something else! i thoroughly enjoyed working this paper -- the forgiving quality was amazing.. and the color seemed to adhere nicely. The paper was thick enough to allow amazing blossoms.... and there was a "tooth" to the surface that made the painting different than Arches. i highly recommend this paper.

At Every Turn

20 x 20 Twin Rockers 300 lb. cold press
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29 May 2008

Tulips for Emily- final version

i finally finished the last panel for the tribute triptych. i plan to show it to emily's parents later this week. i think it has movement and passion... and a real intensity.

the arrangement of blossoms is inviting.. and leads your eye all throughout the floral scape.

30 x 22 each panel
30 x 70 overall

watercolor on paper
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24 May 2008


here is the left side of new diptych. scroll down to see the rest!

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Tangle of Tulips

here's a new diptych-- watercolor on some unknown surface of arches paper. it was way absorbent.. so.. not CP and not HP.... actually.. i think it was a faulty sheet of paper! but.. i like the softer paint application and gentle transitions. i'll have to go to Kinsella paper.. and find out what surface it is.

the piece should really be displayed with about a 4 " separation between the two.. but.. you get the idea .

the blossoms make a wonderful jumpy composition throughout both paintings.

i like this piece. additionally.. i am also experimenting with Old Holland watercolor pigments.. and so far.. i like what they are.

watercolor- Arches 300 lb.
22 x 15 each panel
22 x 30 overall
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18 May 2008

Tulips for Emily- second panel

i like the organic quality of paint created by this new paper. the scale and placement of the blossoms has an inviting quality.

i am looking forward to painting the third part of this triptych this week.


30 x 22
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17 May 2008

Tulips for Emily - part 2 of a triptych

i decided that the format for this painting needed to increase -- so i added another middle panel to capture the tulips. as i see it unfolding in my mind's eye -- i'm going to add a left panel to finish the statement. the original concept- Tulips for Emily remains.

paper is a gift from Bruce Macevoy

each panel is 30 x 22

i'll add the 3rd one this week- weather permitting!

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12 May 2008

Tulips for Emily

this painting is on a new watercolor paper ...

this is a tribute to my young neighbor, emily starkloff-- who passed last week.

she was a fiery redhead-- full of life and laughter.

her joyful presence and bright eyes will be missed.

it was a sad day on Laclede Place -- the neighborhood is honoring her with a red-leafed maple -- which we are planting in the median.


30 x 22
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09 May 2008

if you could change....

this painting is about 80 % finished. it needs a few final adjustments

i finish paintings best... when i let them sit for a few days/weeks. there's a freshness to my eyes.. when i look again...
about halfway through the painting... i get too attached to 'how' i painted it...
i need real freedom to make "right" decisions.

what do you think for a title?

watercolor 30 x 40 arches 300 lb cold press
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03 May 2008

calla lily

i found this painting on the back of another painting. i obviously didn't think it was something i wanted to show -- so i flipped it and painted something on the back.

i feel it has a sincerity i'm looking for in figurative work.

acrylic/panel 11 x 14 2007
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