Carol Carter

31 May 2008

At Every Turn

Watercolor of tulips on Twin Rockers paper --the deckle edge is something else! i thoroughly enjoyed working this paper -- the forgiving quality was amazing.. and the color seemed to adhere nicely. The paper was thick enough to allow amazing blossoms.... and there was a "tooth" to the surface that made the painting different than Arches. i highly recommend this paper.

At Every Turn

20 x 20 Twin Rockers 300 lb. cold press
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Margie Murray "Paintergal" artwork said...

I love your bold use of color. The passion comes out in all of your paintings. I am anxious now to try this paper. Thank you!
Margie Murray

Carol Carter said...

hi margie!

thanks for your compliment....
i hope you like the paper as much as i do....

let me see what you did -- when you paint with some.

happy day to you.