Carol Carter

28 August 2008

Landscape with Cow

Well.. i've gotten a 'cow thang' going on in the studio this week. i think it's because i'm about to install some of these cow paintings in a coffee shop on friday. i've been reworking several older paintings in preparation for this.

the tall vertical landscape -- has become much richer and fuller with yesterday's work. i have some subtle transitions to place in today... to the treeline and horizon line- but i wanted you to see it in it's unresolved state. later today.. i'll post the final version.

40" H x 12 " W
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21 August 2008

Two Turns to Nowhere Landscape

this acrylic is the companion piece for the Leftover Landscape. each painting measures 12" H x 79" W. long and narrow horizontals! the light is warm and subtle... back glow sunset. this format will do a good job of punching through the close walls of the coffee shop where there will hang.

the piece is not quite finished. i need to add more richness, value, and variety into the trees and foreground. ... but basically... i feel it's developing nicely.

Two Turns to Nowhere
12" H x 79" W
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19 August 2008

Indiana Watercolor Workshop

here is a recap of REALLY good blogging about the workshop given at SANDY MAUDLIN'S studio earlier this month. i will also add some other blogs-- with information about the workshop later this week.

each student was individual and unique...and it was a joy to see them open up and accept a new and different approach to watercolor.


18 August 2008

LAID BACK Landscape

Third day of painting the Leftover Landscape painting. it's coming along nicely. i like the fact that changes are slow and deliberate. i painted the sky over and over again.. perhaps 3 times.... to get just the right nuance of transitions within the yellows and blues. tomorrow.. i will develop the foreground ... as well as the horizon line and small trees to the right.

hopefully -- there will be time leftover [ha!].. to start the companion landscape.

destination-- 6 North Coffee by Sept 1.

Leftover Landscape
12 " H x 69" W
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15 August 2008

Leftover Landscape

this larger acrylic on panel is a work i'm doing for an installation for a business venue.

the imagery is from Door County, WI -- and the palette is light. i'm not quite finished -- it's only 2 days work. there is a companion piece to this -- and will be started some time next week.

Leftover Landscape
12 x 79
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10 August 2008

It's Good to be the QUEEN!

Yeah, baby! what a wonderful, lighthearted, and talented group I taught this past weekend!

thanks again.. for the terrific time.

check out rhonda's blog... for a great recap of the workshop.


Watercolor rocks!
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09 August 2008

Wonderful Workshop

What a wonderful workshop in Lawrenceberg, IN! The group has been lively, animated, attentive, and amazing painters. Teaching this group has been special and fun. They've jumped right into painting -- with so much ease.

Many thanks to Sandy Maudlin who made all this possible. Please check out the following blogs to find out more of the workshop:

I've had such a great time....

Happy watercoloring to everyone in the group!
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06 August 2008

This painting.. was the first watercolor on the Clayboard surface. it's an interesting mix of watercolor-like surface.. with the strength and integrity of a tougher foundation.

i don't know if i like it. the watercoloring felt a little flat.. and i couldn't get the pigment to move around the surface -- like on paper. there's an absorption quality to the board!

anyway, the smaller, simpler washes were fine.. and the prussian blue over glaze worked. it took the same amount of time to dry.. and working back into the various washes was simpler and more forgiving than paper.

on the plus side.. you can frame this without glass..if you treat the surface with a varnish. i guess this varnish is a spray fixative? [ like matte medium. ]

i will 'fix' it this week. that will be the final test to see if it looks like a watercolor~

watercolor on clayboard
16" H x 20" W
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