Carol Carter

30 April 2009

More Development of a Botanical Watercolor

Had a wet day to paint .. and made some headway on this watercolor.

The good news is... I found a great pigment to work with-- OLD HOLLAND Mars Yellow. It behaves like my old paint..and wasn't at all frustrating!

So.. I have added it to my stable of colors. My journey of finding suitable pigments is slowly evolving.

Colors is this painting:

Old Holland Mars Yellow
Winsor/Newton Green Gold
Quin Magenta
Winsor Green
Dioxazine Purple
French Ultramarine Blue
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Development of the Watercolor

The next intermediate stages............... will have time to finish tomorrow --

It was a nice rainly day today --- perfect for laying down the washes.

22 " h x 30 " w
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28 April 2009

watercolor start

i began a new watercolor today.... rainy wet day and perfect for adding large washes.

it was of the swamp in Florida. .... swamp series painting. i didn't get a lot done.. because it took too long for the washes to dry.
but.. tomorrow will have more progress.

i also began and almost finished a double portrait -- which i will also add tomorrow.

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25 April 2009

Small works

New small watercolors available immediately.

all framed and ready to go................

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Old OLD work-- watercolor

I went to my son's college yesterday-- Principia College... for Parents' Weekend. In the lobby of one of the buildings is a painting of mine from 1977. I graduated from the same school... and won the "art award" that year. My painting was purchased for part of the permanent collection.

I still like it... it's soft and reminiscent of some of the ideas i was trying to grasp in painting.

Shells and Horseshoe Crab
22" h x 30 " w

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21 April 2009

Rainforest! watercolor

this botanical watercolor was done about 15 years ago! i was introduced to Rachel Crandell of the Monteverde Conservation League and was inspired by her knowledge and enthusiasm for the rain forest.

i decided to do a painting based on ferns -- and present it to Rachel.

i haven't seen it in years.. and was mildly surprised by how much i still enjoyed it.

Rainforest Rescue
35"h x 45" w
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20 April 2009

Jacob with the Portrait- watercolor

when i was in Tucson -- i met with the Coles who commissioned this portrait of their sons. this is Jacob-- with the portrait. what a cutie!

Conner and Jacob
15" h x 22" w
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17 April 2009


me and ann... what a pair!

Ann's Ying Yang rock garden.


Really kool art.

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my friend Ann Bedingham picked me up yesterday and we went 30 miles north to Oracle AZ. what a charming little hamlet!

it was rustic, western, wild, and open. it's a higher elevation -- 4500 [?] so the air is thinner and clear. boy, what a drop dead gorgeous day!

we saw the Triangle L Ranch where they have an art gallery and art happenings, along with studios..... and we also we to the Linda Vista Ranch -- which is also an artist's retreat. the surroundings are gorgeous-- and inspirational.

it was such a special day-- my friend ann built a porch trellis out of cactus-- which created dancing patterns of light and shadow.

i also found the wine-bottle-wall intriguing!

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watercolor- Corkscrew Swamp

Here is another version of work on my swamp series. it has changed format-- now a vertical. this perspective creates a better view of what i'm trying to capture-- the unsettling and fragile nature of a pristine wild preserve.

again and again
60" h x 20" w
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15 April 2009


Today was the most enjoyable day -- perfect weather, perfect temperature, perfect landscape-- total sunshine. ARIZONA rocks!

the wind and the dust were blowing, but i thought it was a stunning day.

My friend Ruth Canada -- drove me to Tubac, AZ-- a local artists' community about 60 miles south of Tuscon. It was refreshing and wonderful to see all the galleries, art, and retail in this charming little town!

I saw so many great works of art.. so much art retail -- gathered a lot of new ideas and possibilities... for art, for art economy, for art marketing.


Tubac is located in the desert and totally devoted to selling art. There is a lot southwest art and imagery -- but overall, the quality was exceptional.

I was impressed!

Thank you Ruth, for a most magical day!

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13 April 2009

Floral Commission -- watercolor

This commissioned triptych is about 90% completed. it was a nice commission and easy project -- because i was so motivated to work with the space and fill it. the client was very clear on what she wanted-- and i could envision right away... how i wanted to handle it.

it was the opposite of HOW SWEET THE SOUND -- which was a more complex subject and less-clear project.

nevertheless, i was pleased with both! a challenging couple of weeks in the studio -- but rewarding.

30" h x 60" w triptych
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05 April 2009


Here's some action from the opening yesterday... a good time was had by all! wonderful friends.. and great company.

thank you everyone for coming!

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03 April 2009


This is me painting the large commission for "HOW SWEET THE SOUND".

The watercolor is 4' x 3' and quite fun to paint. I'm doing a progession - step-by-step process.. and will post it here when the painting is completed. Which will be monday.
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02 April 2009

Small Watercolor

A present to a friend.... a little toy... curiously painted.... painted with love--->>

sent in the mail--->> framed and appreciated.


what more is life about?
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