Carol Carter

13 April 2009

Floral Commission -- watercolor

This commissioned triptych is about 90% completed. it was a nice commission and easy project -- because i was so motivated to work with the space and fill it. the client was very clear on what she wanted-- and i could envision right away... how i wanted to handle it.

it was the opposite of HOW SWEET THE SOUND -- which was a more complex subject and less-clear project.

nevertheless, i was pleased with both! a challenging couple of weeks in the studio -- but rewarding.

30" h x 60" w triptych
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Unknown said...

These are beautiful!!!! Love the vibrant colors!

RH Carpenter said...

Beautiful paintings, all of them! It's great when you face a challenge and you succeed so beautifully, isn't it?

Joan Sandford-Cook said...

What wonderful results for your two commissions. Surprised your clients wanted that blue wash at the end - it creates atmosphere but loses the quality of your wonderful transluscent washes. Two great pieces.

Elizabeth Seaver said...

It is just filled with light!

Carol Carter said...

hey joanne, rhonda, joan, and elizabeth! thanks for the thumbs-up! i do so like the positive vibes. the painting DID turn out -- after all.. and they are pleased. it was a huge challenge for me... but in the end... i learned a lot. the client did email that they loved it. thanks for your encouragement. ;-))