Carol Carter

13 January 2009


My work arrived today.. from the Maryland Gallery-- two HUGE crated delivered to my studio! they were so big... i needed help to open 'em...
but.. the work was fine.. and is back safely in my space.
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RH Carpenter said...

Carol, I received a copy of your new book today and let me tell you, both my husband and I looked long at each painting inside. This slender volume of 26 paintings from the Swimmers series is a treat for me and shows off your wonderfully unique color combinations in each one. Beautiful and I'm so pleased with it! Going to take it to wc class Tuesday and show it off. Congratulations!

Carol Carter said...

thanks rhonda!! i'm glad you like the book. i wish it had more images... but.. the first edition was a learning-experience for me. i will add more pages of swimmers... if i decide to work on it some more. thanks too... for all your words and wishes. -- your weekly visits to my blog me a lot to me! xo. carol