Carol Carter

27 January 2009

Bad Girls

a painting from my GOOD GIRL/BAD GIRL show. it's one of my favorites.. and one that doesn't get seen a lot. i love the perspective.. and i love the attitude of the women.

rock on!

Bad Girls
40" h x 60" w

available for purchase
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Angela said...

This is fantastic!

They look like they'd be fun women to hang out with - you sure don't have to wonder which they are.


Sandy Maudlin said...

Love the dynamic position of those front feet and legs, as well as the intensely gorgeous colors! Beautiful.

RH Carpenter said...

Thanks for sharing this painting of the bad girls - it's one I haven't seen before. They are great. The blossoms adding to the eye candy throughout, those gorgeous green and gold toes, everything rocks!

Unknown said...

Wow, the large view is really quite incredible! You have a unique style, I love the way you use watercolours!

Carol Carter said...

hi angela.... yep.. these are bad girls! but... i've found that bad girls are not as "bad" as they think they are.... ;-)) happy painting!

hi sandy,

thanks for the looksie. i love this painting too. it's so bossy.. and has presence. working with D/S watercolors today... i always think of you when i do!


hi rhonda... your thoughtful remarks are always so appreciated..
i love what you say about each and every piece... both positive and negative. you make such helpful comments! big hug.

hi ruth!
glad to see you on FB too. i've worked hard on style and approach.. at this point... it always shines though. i guess that's a good thing..although there are times i'd like to be different. thanks again.. for visiting the blog and your comment! happy painting today..