Carol Carter

19 January 2009

One for the show....

i was included at a group exhibition for a college in Granite City IL -- Southwestern Illinois College. it's called Herstory, and features only women artists.

i began assembling art for this show-- and this is one piece i'm going to include. did a few final touches on it --and slipped it into a frame!

Crossing Over
16" h x 20" w
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Joan Sandford-Cook said...

Oh How I love this piece of work especially the colours.Trolled through earlier posts and have enjoyed myself for a while. Will certainly add you to my favourite blogs for future checking out.

Angela said...

This is fantastic - I love the butterflies and all of that texture.

I love paintings where there is so much to look at.

RH Carpenter said...

Mother Nature or Eve before the fall, it is pure Woman and so lovely!

Carol Carter said...

hey joan! nice to see you here! thanks for coming to the blog. are you a painter??? i will check to see if you have a blog on the web. happy day!


hi angela, thanks for the compliment. i have worked/reworked this piece... but am now satisfied that it's finished. i agree with you.. paintings with a lot to look at are great! happy day.

hi rhonda.. maybe i should call it
"Mother Nature".... ?? you think of the best titles for my work...
hope you are good.... happy painting day to you..


Carol Carter said...

joan.. i love your work!!! and i am so impressed you are in the UK!