Carol Carter

27 January 2009

Still Holding On-- acrylic

this is the latest version of my acrylic. i don't plan to work on it anymore.... because i'm getting ready to frame.

i like some of it... i like the effort i put into it... and i really like the fact that it taught me something.

Still Holding On
40" h x 50" w
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MANPOLO said...

Beautiful. Love your work.

RH Carpenter said...

My favorite parts of this painting are the subtle strokes of color of shape - the blue streaks on the woman's face that is looking to the left, the hint of a water plant/rush behind the other woman. Beautiful work.

Carol Carter said...

hey guys!!! so glad you like the painting. i think i will.. over time.. grow to like it too. right now.. it's too close to the painting-process for me to have a perspective. i still see all the stumblings and missteps... but.. i also see some of the accomplishments..

happy day... thanks for writing.. i enjoy your comments.


susan hong-sammons said...

This is so interesting. It makes me want to hear more of their story.

Carol Carter said...


thank you for your visit and comment to the blog. i wish i knew what they were saying too! happy day... c