Carol Carter

28 November 2008

more musings- acrylic

well... as you can see.. there are subtle shifts being made... i worked again ... on the right side of the background. it's french ultramarine...instead of purple.
however.. i must admit.. it'stime to quit.. and go to next painting.

i'm fatigued... and looping around the same path of how to solve things.

artists need to abandon projects.. when they see that they are not making good decisions... and let go.

after a time.. to return to a painting with fresh eyes.... will bring the right brain process into play -- and resolve awkward passages with more dominions.

anyway, that's how it goes with this one.

i'm starting a swamp painting from Naples today.... and with the switch in imagery and subject-- will have more energy.

i like parts of this painting.. but feel it's lacking something. i will give it time to 'rest'.. and then come revisit again.

Still Hanging On
40" H x 50" W
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24 November 2008

The Saga Continues!.... acrylic

so... after returning home.... i had the chance to sneak back in the studio for the afternoon.

there was something refreshing about being back to work... with a new perspective. i had absolutely no hesitation about jumping in and mixing things up.

i took a former painting -- and reworked the background. the painting changed course dramatically.... and now it's time to address the foreground. tomorrow.. i'll have additional hours to bring the foreground out with layers of glaze.

i like days like these... where being frivolous and decisive make good artistic progress.

an artist must always remember to 'allow the process to be the teacher'... and not get too precious with the results.

Still Holding On
40" H x 50" W
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22 November 2008

Washington DC

we had the perfect day today-- weather wise and parking wise..... the drive into DC was quick. we went to the NATIONAL GALLERY of ART to see the Pompeii exhibit, Ansel Adams, Jan Lievens, as well as some of the contemporary collection.

evan had never been to the I M Pei wing. The Calder was stunning. Sam, my webmaster-[and brother] worked on my website tonight. there are a couple of new pages recent work.

of course... driving around DC... there was the White House. you can see evidence of the Inaugural preparations. what a celebration that will be!
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21 November 2008

American Contemporary Gallery

Today was the day to deliver the work -- and Evan... my GREAT helper... unloaded most of the work. John Bodkin, the owner was most gracious in getting things situated. It's an impressive space -- and I am looking forward to the opening on December 5.

please consider yourself personally invited to come. i will be at the opening from 7 to 10 pm... and look forward to seeing you!
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20 November 2008

Flamin' Cheese

we all had dinner... at CAVI in Gaithersburg, MD. it's a tapes bar... and guess what we ordered??? Spanikopita..! flamin' cheese! it was great! but the best part was the presentation of it!...
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on the ROAD again!

okay.... here we are.... packed and ready to go! a truckload of art... in my truck-- ready to be delivered to the American Contemporary Gallery in Annapolis, MD.

evan and i drove cross county -and arrived at my brother's today. we will be delivering the work tomorrow.

i will come back for the opening on December 5 in the evening.

if you want to come -- please do! everyone is invited.
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16 November 2008

Clear As Day- Acrylic

I'm currently in FL-- seeing relatives as well as the Naples art scene. There is no lack of economy here.. and the area seems to be thriving. I talked with galleries -- and they all report good sales and robust inventory. I think the West Coast of Florida is buffering the economic slow down. I was also struck by the amount of foreign travelers in downtown Naples. This will bolster tourism. The galleries were wrapping and shipping many paintings...yay!

I'm not sure that I would want to stay year-round in Naples-- but I would definitely consider an extended stay during winter months. The real estate looks pricey -- so you would have to stay "near by". But I didn't seen any cutting-edge art--- so there's definitely room for new artists and new ideas!

Corkscrew Sanctuary was a highlight of my trip-- and I garnered many images that will work themselves into new paintings. What a beautiful place! There were so many birds, gators, insects, and reptiles. It was the original Florida... which is fading so fast.

I can't wait to get to the Everglades next winter~

Tower Grove Lily
48" H x 24" W
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12 November 2008

Napa Valley watercolor

A view of 80% completed watercolor of some leaves and grapes during Crush time in Napa Valley last October. It was a golden time --- sunlight and leaves were warm and yellow. I worked on this watercolor for a few days -- but wasn't able to finish it. As soon as I get back from my trip - I will resolve some final areas.

I like the kaleidoscope of color, pattern, and abstraction. Here's to watercolor!

Sara's Napa Valley Front
30" H x 22" W
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11 November 2008

Seeing Through Surface Tensions- acrylic painting

This smaller acrylic is incorporating a few new techniques-- mostly a softness and matte finish to the face. Also, harder, more graphic approach to other areas. This adds drama and an abstract quality. I'm also trying out Cobalt Teal -- Golden Acrylic paint in the water.

It's not quite done... but I wanted to get something on the blog before i take my trip to Tampa/Naples FL tomorrow. I like finishing a painting up to a point... and then letting it "sit" for a while. It gives it a chance to breathe... and allows me a chance to get perspective on how to finish.

I will be returning to the studio in a couple of weeks. I am flying south to check out a few places for art marketing and inspiration. When I return-- I'll be driving an exhibition to Annapolis MD for a show in December. will be the venue! All are welcome to come. The opening is December 5, 2008 6 - 10 pm. I will be there... and look forward to seeing you.

Please come!

Surface Tension
16" H x 20" W
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05 November 2008


Still working on this acrylic. i'm adding other layers and value. it's coming along.... but not quite done.

so... this is a bit of evolution of a painting!

Looking Inside/Looking Outside
40" H x 50" W
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