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28 February 2009

St Louis Magazine - March 2009

my work was featured in a condo that was chosen as a Platinum Award Winner Home -- 2009... found in Saint Louis Magazine.

look close... you can see a large acrylic on the dining room wall!
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26 February 2009

Watercolor Portraits!


My work has been included in a very cool website about art on the net called: IMAGE OF EYES GALLERY.

Gene Cooley has done a tremendous job of featuring art and artists from all over the world. He juries and reviews all work -- and constantly updates portfolios and events. Really an amazing site! please check it out.

here are two links for an overview of my work: .

Thank you Gene! I wish you continued success!

24 February 2009

SHOUT OUT- watercolor

This tongue-in-cheek watercolor is a preliminary look at an idea i'm thinking about painting. a double portrait with the latter panel doing a shout out.....

it's a response to Sara Palin's use of the phrase... as well as the way i feel right now.. in regards to what's happening in the economy.

Shout Out
14" h x 11" w each panel

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Naughtigras2- Installation

I got a chance to see the Naugtigras 2 exhibition yesterday --- here it is!

Naughty Girl
30" h x 40" w

Pool Whore
15" h x 45" w

Knock Knock
25" h x 45" w
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22 February 2009

State of the Arts Gallery: Sarasota FLORIDA

These two huge swimmers are packed and ready to ship to STATE OF THE ARTS GALLERY in Sarasota, FLORIDA.

They are testing the waters of the art market there [so to speak...] ....

and I can't wait to hear of the response.

If you are anywhere near the area... and want to see large scale watercolor up close.. please check out this gallery!

State of the Arts Gallery
1525 State Street
Sarasota, FL 34236

One to Leave
40" h x 60" w

Memory Lane
29" h x 40" w
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Little Diddys

Hey... i'm painting.. small... and i mean SMALL paintings for a show this spring. they're only 4 3/4 " x 4 3/4" square.... frame measures 9" square.

they are being offered at $99 each.... a whole slew of 'em!

this will be a rockin' show.... a mix n match show!

Little Diddy
9" x 9"

$99 each
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21 February 2009

Good bye party in MIAMI!

Carla Patton -- my hostess.... threw a good-bye party on the last evening. She invited many of her friends... and all had a great time. I want to thank her... and everyone for making my visit there so interesting and enjoyable. I hope to see everyone in the future -- and I felt very welcomed in the MIAMI. what a wonderful city it is!

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Diane Congdon

A visit for lunch with my artist-friend Diane Congdon was a highlight of the trip. We visited over Chinese food -- and shared stories of our recent past. She's a fabulous artist that moved from St. Louis 16 years ago.... from MA down to Ft. Lauderdale. She currently lives on a boat -- but is rebuilding a fabulous home on the New River in Ft. Lauderdale.

Great to see her... and greater still to be back in touch!
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20 February 2009

Back in St. Louis

hey.. everyone... i'm back in st louis and will be posting the rest of the trip this weekend. thanks for following the journey... it's been a terrifically inspirational one! come back for the last posts~~

happy weekend!

18 February 2009

17 February 2009

Corkscrew Natural Sanctuary

I came to Florida in search of a new body of images to work from. I have wanted to paint the natural "swamp" for some time -- and the EVERGLADES seemed like a good canidate. It's in my own backyard - and I had been there before.

My brother and I went last week to photograph the easter and southern portion of the "glades" -- and today --- I drove across the Tamiami Trail.

This road intersects the norther Everglades--- Shark River and Big Cypress Swamp. It was all so overwhelmingly beautiful! A crystal clear day --- without bugs or clouds. The animals were out in full force-- gators, herons, egrets, anhingas, wood storks, cranes, barrel owls, and more. If I were a "birder" ... I would be able to identify them all! However, I am not that quick!

So, here's just a taste of what I saw. In the weeks and months to come - you will see painted translations of the glorious part of the world called "Everglades: River of Grass."


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16 February 2009

NaughtiGras2: Best in Show

Last weekend I won Best in Show in the NAUGHTI GRAS 2- St. Louis, MO.

I wasn't able to attend the opening on Valentines Evening -- as I was still in Miami. A friend-- Ray Marklin was there.. and let me know the good news.

I hope to see the show when I return to St. Louis next week. The Show will be up for a few more weeks.

Here's a link:

Thanks again for the award!!

Naughty Girl
30" h x 40" w


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15 February 2009

Coconut Grove Art Fair

A hot day.... like summer.... at the Coconut Grove Art Fair in Coconut Grove Florida. You really couldn't imagine how much art and craft! The art was everywhere... and the crowds were huge.

We got there early -- which was a very good thing-- because it was easy to walk and see the work.

The beaded sculpture was the BEST OF SHOW -- and i enjoyed this work a lot.

I couldn't quite tell if there were a lot of sales-- but it seems as though not many people purchasing work.
But the quality of work was good... and we had a great time looking :-))
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14 February 2009

Carlos' Office in City Hall- Coral Gables

My dear friend Carlos -- is Chief Architect for Coral Gables. His office is in City Hall. I went to see him yesterday-- and two of my watercolors are there. It was a thrill -- as it's been a while since I've seen them. We had lunch with another City Planner -- who's also interested in getting a portrait done of his wife.

Untitled Swimmer
30" h x 40" w
2000 [?]

30" h x 22" w
2000 [?]
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13 February 2009

Art Center of South Florida- Miami Florida

This art co-op on Lincoln Road in Miami Beach was outstanding. It's a grouping of art studios available for inexpensive rent on the most fashionable of streets.
It's a wonderful place for artists to network and gain traction in their work, careers, and vision. There's an exhibition space for rent.. and even an "in house" art supply store! How cool is that??

A jewelry lab, a photo studio, sculpture... and classes. It was so wonderful to see.

I would love to jury into this to gain an introduction to the art community here.

I went to see the other art co-op -- the BAKEHOUSE in the Wynwood District of Miami. This co-op is even larger -- with 70 artists studios, two exhibition spaces, outdoor foundry, off street parking.. and much more

What a terrific way for artists to work side by side-- network and gain traction in a community professionally.

I was most impressed with the quality of work and the surrounding facilities of both.

This may be a good way to integrate into the area professionally!

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12 February 2009

Tom Seghi Studio- Miami Beach

My visit today... to Tom Seghi's studio was awesome. He was a St. Louis artist- who left the Midwest to come to Miami Beach 20 years ago. He's highly successful and exhibits and sells internationally. I was so impressed with his studio and home -- and accomplishments. I knew him back in the 80's when we were both early career artists. His web site: will give you a brilliant overview of his work.

He was very helpful in giving me a practical guide to integrating into the Miami art community.

Thank you TOM!

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