Carol Carter

06 February 2009

On the ROAD again!

made it to COCOA BEACH! Visited Ron Jon's Surf Shop .... a huge place where there is about everything you need to have fun on the beach.

Drove on down to CORAL SPRINGS... where i am hanging with my brother.

Tomorrow.... we go to MIAMI.
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RH Carpenter said...

Looks like you're having a great time - good for you, girl!!!

Joan Sandford-Cook said...

Lucky girl - are we going to get any sketches?? please! Continue to have a great time and tell us all about it.

Carol Carter said...

hey rhonda. yep.... i'm having a good time!! thanks!

joan, haven't made any sketches yet... but will be painting a little later on in the week. i'll post for sure.. also.. am going to EVERGLADES tomorrow...! thanks for your good wishes..

Trevor Lingard said...

Hi Carol
You are a lucky devil.
I wish I was there too.
Do have a great time.

Carol Carter said...

trevor... thanks for the good wishes. it's been a blast so far. we are taking each day as a special adventure. carol