Carol Carter

17 February 2009

Corkscrew Natural Sanctuary

I came to Florida in search of a new body of images to work from. I have wanted to paint the natural "swamp" for some time -- and the EVERGLADES seemed like a good canidate. It's in my own backyard - and I had been there before.

My brother and I went last week to photograph the easter and southern portion of the "glades" -- and today --- I drove across the Tamiami Trail.

This road intersects the norther Everglades--- Shark River and Big Cypress Swamp. It was all so overwhelmingly beautiful! A crystal clear day --- without bugs or clouds. The animals were out in full force-- gators, herons, egrets, anhingas, wood storks, cranes, barrel owls, and more. If I were a "birder" ... I would be able to identify them all! However, I am not that quick!

So, here's just a taste of what I saw. In the weeks and months to come - you will see painted translations of the glorious part of the world called "Everglades: River of Grass."


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Unknown said...

Such an interesting and unique place you have led us into! I can hardly wait to see the inspired work that will come from this trip, and from this perfect day!

Joan Sandford-Cook said...

I agree with Joanne wonderful visit you took us on. The photographed reflections are so interesting and will make wonderful paintings. Cant wait to see them.

Carol Carter said...

hey gals.

it's a wonderful magical place.. the everglades and swamps. so much life and beauty.
stay here for views of paintings... i'm jazzed and motivated to get going on them.