Carol Carter

30 October 2007

Playing with Fire

this older piece is on display in my studio. it's an acrylic on paper- done in 2001. i love the seduction of color here--- and the mysteriousness of pose.
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acrylic on panel
Bolongo Beach in St. Thomas

I loved painting this horizontal painting.... basic, rich and cleverly composed.
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26 October 2007


This is the final version of ISelf. the watercolor is 30 x 40... and is more developed than the maquette. the painting conveys the fragmentation, disorientation, and disillusion i feel at this juncture in my life.
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13 October 2007

Dapple Light

Unfinished painting-- but.. i like the dappling effect of the light on the door. I still have to work on the leaves and foliage in the front. acrylic 16 x 20... from St. Thomas
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St Thomas Palm Too

The second of the two palms.... this one is more complex. I like the composition and the little fly-away fronds.
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St Thomas Palm

Two palm paintings-- acrylic - 16 x 20... represent about 2 weeks worth of work. The paintings are a pair. i'll have to photograph the two together... so you can see how they blend and share shape.
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