Carol Carter

31 July 2011

New Perspective on My Open Studio Tour

Please take a look at this nice blog about coming to my Open Studio yesterday.

Thank you Circle Blue! It was a pleasure to meet you too.

Happy Day at the OPEN STUDIO~~!!

I had a wonderful day at the OPEN STUDIO for the CAM 6th Annual Art Studio tour!

So many people! Friends! New friends! Neighbors! Visitors! Great people!!

Wonderful to see everyone ...and have a minute conversation with everyone!

Thank you ALL for making it a super day!

Can't wait till next year!!!

30 July 2011

OPEN STUDIO TODAY! CAM 6th Annual Open Studio Tour in St. Louis

Studio is all cleaned and ready to go! All new artwork -- small and affordable.

Please come to the Contemporary Art Museum's 6th Annual Studio Tour in St. Louis today!

I will be there-- showing all the new work and discussing my new upcoming projects.

Feel free to stop in and have a look!

All are welcome - and all are invited.

Open Studio

3156 Shenandoah Avenue
St. Louis, Mo 63104

Come and have fun!!

Free drinks and treats.... also some free handouts.

28 July 2011


I am opening my studio for the CITY WIDE ART STUDIO Tour -- of artists'
studios in the city of St. Louis.

Please feel free to come visit between 10 am - 4 pm.

There will be drinks and art and camaraderie for all!

New work -- old work.... affordable work -- it's ALL here!!

3156 Shenandoah Avenue
St. Louis, MO
Corner of Compton and Shenandoah Avenue!

Be there!

Happy DAY!

Two wonderful clients picked up their work yesterday from my studio. They overlappd their visit -- so they even got to meet!

The BIG BLUE iris found a home with Keri.

The monumental blossom will be photographed in it's place and hopefully will be shared here in the future.

The pink bouquet of flowers is a digital canvas transfer of Linda's watercolor. She bought the watecolor years ago-- but wanted the look of it on a canvas. After much homework-- the canvas transfer met her approval -- and she will have a new "look" to her transparent painting.

Thank you both for stopping in!

Big Blue
50" h x 55" w

60" h x 40" w

24 July 2011

Magnolias in BLOOM!

I have been painting magnolias in the last few days--- I couldn't resist there bursting beauty!

Besides, they spoke to me as sensuous imagery. I needed something to add to my Washington DC exhibition... and since magnolias are every where there-- these seemed appropriate.

Do you like 'em?

I do. Each blossom has unique characteristic and beauty. The darker the green background-- the lovlier the pearly white blossom becomes~

I used only two colors in the blossom itself-- Daniel Smith Quinacrodone Burnt Orange and Holbein Lavender. Oh yes, there is a touch of Winsor Newton Aureolin occasionally.

The Lavender is my NEW favorite pigment! It has weight and punch -- while being delicate at the same time.

Love it!

Buy some to try for sure.

I plan to do more in this series - larger ones. But for now-- these are bold, bright, and beautiful mid-size paintings!

Long live magnolias!

Steel Magnolia
20" h x 25" w

Magnolia diptych
15" h x 22" w each

Small Magnolia
11" h x 14" w

My Magnolia
15" h x 22" w

22 July 2011


Here is a small painting of a burro I saw in the Virgin Islands several years ago.

He was a sweet thing-- by the side of the road-- wandering in the brush. I loved his face-- and felt that he must be a young one.

So.. .here's to sweet burros everywhere!

He's also a Democrat!

5" h x 5" w

19 July 2011

Sweet Magnolia

I have switched gears..and decided to paint some beautiful magnolias for an exhibition I am having in Washingto DC this winter.

I saw these magnolias blooming in Tower Grove Park in June. The blossoms are so magnificent -- attracting bees and fragrant.

I love doing this .... and am currently working on a companion piece to go with it.

Southern Belle
15" h x 22" w
email for purchase

18 July 2011


I got my summer edition of PRATIQUE DES ARTS a French magazine who published a beautiful article on my work. It's a lovely interview and tutorial of a watercolor. The whole article is in French, so I'm not sure what it says!

But.. the visuals and layout are gorgeous --and I'm thrilled to be included.

Please look for it at your newsstand- or go to their website to order your copy.


16 July 2011

Finished GATOR

I finished the gator painting yesterday...and even flattened out the crease a bit.

There will be more flattening- at the framers -- so that it's perfectly smooth.

I like it now. I worked on the head and made it more beliveable.

The painting is TOTALLY different than I first planned... but that's how it works some time.

35" h x 45" w
email for purchase

13 July 2011

Gator on the Prowl....

It's too hot for me to work on large pillowy washes for the Chinese lantern I had to return to gator painting today.

There are only small washes and corrections to do on this piece. Finding areas to make richer and more complex-- illustrating the gator gliding through the water...

I am beginning to like this piece. It has totally evolved away from the way I first intended it. Who knew?!

All it needs is work on his head... and then I think it's done!

Oh yes... I inadvertently smashed it in the back of my there's a giant fold down the middle of the painting...that has to be flattened out when framed. Darn!

35" h x 45" w
in progress

10 July 2011

Chinese Lanterns!

I have been inspired to do the chinese lanterns that I found in Chinatown in Lost Angeles.

I want to do a large painting of these beautiful, colorful, airy lanterns ... but before I can do it-- I need to do some homework.

So, I did a smaller painting-- a maquette-- of the lanterns.

This allows me to figure out "how" to paint them. What pigments to use.. how to postition the colors...etc for maximum effectiveness.

I struggle with value it's also a way for me to correct the value and color harmonies. When I begin the larger painting-- many of the struggles will have been addressed -- and I will paint with broader and bolder simplicity!

15" h x 22" w

07 July 2011

Growth Portrait- Evan's 25th

Finally had a bit of a chance to work on the 25th portrait again today.
It's almost done- only small changes to be made -- after I give it a rest.

I am pleased with it-- especially the likeness and color.

His love of PINK & BLUE with Tyler -- makes the use of thse the two colors even more symbolic! Not to mention that pink and blue were the signature colors of Aberchrombie & Fitch this season.

Can't wait to add it to the collection and show it this fall at ART PRIZE.

Evan 25
Growth Portrait Series
20" h x 40" w


I have begun painting Evan's 25th portrait to add to the GROWTH PORTRAIT series.
The painting will join the others - in the ongoing timeline of paintings of his growth.

The whole series will be installed at ART PRIZE in September. Can't wait!

I will work today to finish -- and post later.

Growth Series
Evan- 25
30" h x 40" w
in progress

04 July 2011


The amazing STREET ART exhibition at the MOCA GEFFEN CONTEMPORARY MUSEUM in LA was truly mind blowing!

So much art and installation!

The show chronicles the birth and emerging of grafitti and art as it filters through the 60 70 and 80's. A wonderful assemblage of many voices and views. Many artists that I've only read about are there- Banksy, Shephed Fairy, Kenny Scharf, Keith Haring, as well as a grafatti purse by Louis Viutton!

I loved it all...and am so happy that I got to see such a timely exhibition.

There is much creativity in the street- and much has entered popular culture in ways we have no idea - clothes, cars, text messages, etc.

Plan to go see the exhibition if you are anywhere close.

Los Angeles, CA
thru August [I think]