Carol Carter

07 July 2011

Growth Portrait- Evan's 25th

Finally had a bit of a chance to work on the 25th portrait again today.
It's almost done- only small changes to be made -- after I give it a rest.

I am pleased with it-- especially the likeness and color.

His love of PINK & BLUE with Tyler -- makes the use of thse the two colors even more symbolic! Not to mention that pink and blue were the signature colors of Aberchrombie & Fitch this season.

Can't wait to add it to the collection and show it this fall at ART PRIZE.

Evan 25
Growth Portrait Series
20" h x 40" w


Unknown said...

Carol! What a fantastic series this is, i particularly love the colour combination on this one, the pink is one of my favorites! The pride you have in your son shines through its fab!

Jeanette Jobson said...

I am envious of your record of your son over 25 years. What a treasure to have. I only wish I'd done something similar.

This newest addition is amazing. I really love the colours, its just pops. What does he think?