Carol Carter

13 July 2011

Gator on the Prowl....

It's too hot for me to work on large pillowy washes for the Chinese lantern I had to return to gator painting today.

There are only small washes and corrections to do on this piece. Finding areas to make richer and more complex-- illustrating the gator gliding through the water...

I am beginning to like this piece. It has totally evolved away from the way I first intended it. Who knew?!

All it needs is work on his head... and then I think it's done!

Oh yes... I inadvertently smashed it in the back of my there's a giant fold down the middle of the painting...that has to be flattened out when framed. Darn!

35" h x 45" w
in progress


Double "D" said...

O my gosh, if I was a gator that's the way I would like to be painted.

You're a master at creating these shapes with color, then integrating the whole thing into a seamless vision of your subject. This one is absolutely awesome.

This just went to the top of my favorites list.

Slammed it in your truck??????? Whoa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Carol Carter said...

Thanks Doug.. Always great to hear from you. I wanted a gator to be stealth and sneaky -- just like they appreared to me in the Glades. The painting has taken many twists and turns... It's now coming around to where I'm liking it again.

Yep... it got damaged in my truck. Must be more careful!


Melanie said...

i love it... I'm actually fond of these critters now that i've gotten used to sharing space with them (well, sort of). It's amazing to me how long they've been on this planet. amazing creatures - not very smart, but brains and brawn don't always come in the same package. lol!
Your painting is wonderful - sneaky and stealthy - just the way God made 'em!

Carol Carter said...

Thank Melanie. I love the gator...and have been endlessly fascinated with him since I was a child. I don't want to pet, own, or get too close... but I love to watch them and have respect.
I saw so many in the Everglades...and the main thing they did was to sneak and stealth their way around the water.
So..this watercolor attempts to describe all that they are to me.
Can't wait to meet you. I haven't gotten back the signed contract from Sarasota yet-- but I'm sure they will. I am thinking of driving and/or flying in to Bradenton.

c u soon.