Carol Carter

23 January 2008

new figurative painting

here's the first of a series of figurative acrylics.... for a new show i'm having in the spring. i like this one.. because the hands project out and become a barrier and impediment to the rest of the painting. the tire tracks are symbolic on a number of levels. i'm considering a number of titles for this piece, but if you have a suggestion-- please leave it here.
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13 January 2008

water lilies

framed work -- installed in studio for review. these are older paintings-... but still interest me. the pieces measure 12 x 40... compatible diptych.
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03 January 2008

Savannah Siren

new acrylic-- well, a rework of an old acrylic. the painting measure 40 x 50. the drama occurs in the newly defined sky. i took wild chances with this piece -- to learn something by taking risks. i had no fear about whether it would turn out-- i only wanted to learn something.

while painting it-- the coffee shop across the street had patrons gather by the window to watch the painting develop-- and at the end of a couple of hours -- they sent over a cup of coffee with a message that it "was beautiful." that comment made my day!
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