Carol Carter

26 November 2012

Insect Invasion!

More insects for your viewing pleasure!

Painting small insects 
has proven to be fun and 
It's much more captivating to look at something
so small... and make it

Each insect is a jewel to behold.
I can never do justice to such
a wonderful


5" h x 7" w

Honey Bee
5" h x 7" w

5" h x 7" w

All available for purchase-- both online and at the upcoming HOLIDAY OPEN HOUSE-- this Friday, NOVEMBR 30th-- 3 - 8 pm.

Come and celebrate the holidays!

23 November 2012

Small Intruders- watercolor

A taste of a section of my OPEN STUDIO next Friday, NOV 30.

I am doing a series of SMALL INTRUDERS.  A delightful series of unique portraits of insects.

Each one is jewel like-- with just enough detail to distinquish the species.  They aren't overly accurate-- no rendering for me!  But rather... beautiful simple portaits of bugs that delight and inspire.

They look great one-on-one... or all together!

Small Intruders
5" h x 7" w  each
8" h x 10" w framed
email for purchase

18 November 2012

Inclusion in New Acrylic Book

I have been included in a new book about painting with acrylic by Lexi Sundell.


Published in London England by Quarto Publishing

It is a wonderful rich book with knowledgeable information about all the techniques to use to bring out color and vibrancy in your acrylic painting!

I plan to read it from cover to cover- just to broaden my understanding of the medium.

The book is offered on  

Get your copy today!

14 November 2012

Eye Candy for your Holiday!!

Lollipop watercolor for your holiday enjoyment.  I love to see these lollipops...whenever they are displayed.  The colors, the patterns, the shapes, and their implied sweetness and enjoyment are intoxicating!

Just had to paint!


Eye Candy
22" h x 15" w

13 November 2012

Fun Size Show! Just in time for Christmas

Holiday Open Studio


November 30, 2012

3 - 8 pm

3156 Shenandoah Avenue
Saint Louis, MO  63104
corner of Compton/Shenandoah

also open

Take Action Personal Fitness

Van Goghz Bar 

Magpie Design

Join us for fun, festivities and spirits for the Season

Cookies and Holiday Cheer!

Support local art and small business this Season

Everyone Invited!

06 November 2012

Watercolor of OXYGEN

I have done a few more darks on the OXYGEN watercolor.  The line melding the water with the figure reflection has been softened and deepened by deeper blues and grays.  I want the painting to be evocative and mysterious-- rather than bright.

I still have work to do on the bubbles.. and several other areas to tweak.    Those areas will be addressed in days to come.

So far... I like it.. and I like the concept and psychological message.

Perfect statement for this time of year!

22" hx 30" w