Carol Carter

27 September 2012

Fairy Tale

I have been mulling over returning to do the swimmer for quite some time.  I will dabble in a few-- until I make up my mind about whether to be more ambitious or not.

This swimmer is poking some new standard at what I hope to explore.

I will add some more paintings to the series over the next few weeks... and then let you know if I will continue!

Not Everyone Gets the Fairy Tale
15" h x 22" w

25 September 2012

Organic Lanterns

Final version of the Organic Lanterns.

I have to think of a decent title.

Any suggestions?

Organic Lanterns
40" h x 10" w

Chinese Lanterns

I am working on the CHINESE LANTERNS again.  I am adding motion to the lanterns.... and making them sway.

Thy jiggle and they wiggle... and the are energized!

After a few more days of work -- I should be finished.  I like the complexity of it.]]

30" h x 45" w
in progress


There area  bunch of NEW TEES for you to wear!!

All sizes-- M   L  XL!!!

The colors are delightful.

The WATERCOLOR RULES is on the front.

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Decided to switch gears and paint something different!

Different format
Different subject
Different palette
Different paper


Since I had been doing MANMADE Chinese Lanterns... I decided to paint NATURE-MADE ones!

Here they are!

Today... I will add the stems...and post the final version tonight.



Organic Lanterns
40" h x 10" w
in progress

23 September 2012

Bromeliads Watercolor

Bromeliads have always been a favorite of mine.  I've never felt safe in painting them ....  they seemed too complex.

But... I did see some beautiful ones at a garden in South Carolina.

I had to paint them.

This is a small maquette...  of ones that I'd like to do larger.  It didn't take long to get into the rhythm of the leaves.  The strips leave make for a strong design element.

An artist from St Louis-- Phyllis Plattner -- painted these in the 80's.  I fell in love with them.  I never thought there would be a way for me to compare to her beautiful paintings... but I did try!

12" h x 12" w

look for these in a larger scale soon.

17 September 2012

Elephant Ears watercolor

I had fun painting this watercolor--- thinking about the bright light that surrounded them.

I saw these beautiful plants in South Carolina-- while touring with my friend Renea.

They jumped out at me!

The sun was low in the sky.  The sunlight was striking the leaves in a special way! The leaves appeared to glow!  So lovely.

So... I titled the piece simply "Light".

15" h x 11" w

15 September 2012

Beauty on the First Day -- watercolor

The Beauty on the First Day is the first watercolor I've done in a LONG time that comes close to what I intended to say from the outset.

Rarely do my paintings work out as planned!

That, of course, is the wonder of being an artist.  The painting you intend is always a journey to find!

Anyway, I envisioned this painting exactly how it turned out!  Exciting!

The washes, background, palette, and freshness were all the qualities I was seeking from the start.

I feel gratified and rewarded!

I must admit-- the Chinese Lanterns painting was a bit of a struggle... and I had become discouraged with studio work.

Beauty also has psychological impact for me.  It celebrates a small milestone in my life!

I am transisting to a new life...and thinking a lot about the saying... "the first day of the rest of your life...".

This painting depicts the BEAUTY on the "first day of the rest of my life"!

We should ALL celebrate victories.... however small.

Beauty on the First Day
35" h x 50" w
in progress but fairly close to completion

12 September 2012

New Floral

This floral painting has had my attention for the last few days.  I was working hard on it-- until I ran in to a flu bug that knocked me flat.

I didn't work on it today --  so much remains undone.

This huge watercolor will get done tomorrow.

The intrique of the piece is of course... the globe holding water.   The image is quiet and the impact is strong.

I hope it all works out according to plan!

Stay tuned...and check back to see the final results.


French Ultramarine Blue
Quin Gold
Transparent Yellow
Winsor Green YS
Burnt Sienna
Shadow Violet
Mineral Violet
Turquoise Blue Light

Looking Through
30" h x 45" w
in progress

Cups of Sunshine Print

This beautiful and LARGE print was made yesterday ... for a nursing facility in Chicago IL.

The print measures 30" h x 60" w and will be framed for presentation.

I am amazed at the detail, beauty, and color of the print!  It mirrors the painting exactly--- only twice as large!  or more~

Thank you Allied-- for doing such a great job.

And thank you Spellman Brady for the opportunity to be in your installation.

Cups of Sunshine
30" h x 60" w

progression of Chinese Lanterns!

I have been working on the Chinese Lanterns this week....

I must say... the energy is there... but they are 'done'.

I need to add an additional background wash/color to tie everything together.

There is so much positive stuff going on here... but I need one last session with the painting to draw it to completion.

Thank you for taking the time to watch me develop this piece~

Dropping In
30" h  x 45" w
in progress



October 19-20, 2012

beginning - moderate watercolor instruction

Geneseo Art League
113 N. State Street
Geneseo, IL 61254

Fee:  $160 

contact info;  Sandy Mintun at;

07 September 2012

Watercolor Workshop-Whitewater WISCONSIN

OCTOBER 22, 23, 24 2012

 Please join me for a WATERCOLOR workshop!!

Learn a new technique on watercolor... focusing on COLOR.

Cravath Lakefront Center, 
Whitewater St., Whitewater, WI   53190

Workshop fee:  $285.00

Reserve your  spot by sending a check for $285 payable to the Whitewater Arts Alliance to: 
                                                            Marilyn Fuerstenberg
                                                            N7557 Kame Court
                                                            Whitewater, WI 53190
                                                            Phone: 262-473-5269

06 September 2012

Good Samaritan Hospital, Mt. Vernon, IL

I am delivering these two pieces to GOOD SAMARITAN HOSPITAL in Mt. Vernon, IL for installation in their permanent collection.

The hospital is currently being built-- and almost ready for grand opening.  Several national artists have been chosen to install unique and site-specific works in the lobbies throughout the hospital.

There will be a grand opening later this Fall to tour the facilities.  I look forward to being part of their collection and having my work installed in a healing environment.

Thank you Good Samaritan Hospital for including me!

The Italian Suite
16 panels  12" h  x 12" w each
8' h x 8' w overall installation

Sweet Magnolia
22" h x 30" w

03 September 2012

Barely Above a Whisper

Here is the final version of the new swimmer watercolor.  It will develop itself into a larger watercolor one day soon.

I often do smaller paintings to work out colors, patterns, composition, and intensity before attempting larger pieces.

Barely Above a Whisper
15" h x 11" w

02 September 2012

SWIMMER watercolor

Today was spent partially painting a maquette for a larger watercolor.   The palette is slightly different-- and the intent of the piece is an outgrowth of today's sensibilities.

I will end up painting a larger version of this-- and share it with you on the blog.

Barely Above a Whisper
15" h x 11" w
in progress

01 September 2012

Return to FRANCE!!

The rooster croweth!

The French rooster from Maison Blanche has been immortalized!

I wanted to paint the bird since I left....

the gorgeous rooster from the French countryside-- with all his glory.  He had a brood of 5 hens!  or maybe more!

So... there will be more French watercolors to see as the days roll by.  I've got to get busy and serious now to produce work for the show in 2014 in Toulouse.

I also have to get seroius about working on some larger scale watercolors....  time to paint!

Le Coq
15" h x 11" w