Carol Carter

12 September 2012

New Floral

This floral painting has had my attention for the last few days.  I was working hard on it-- until I ran in to a flu bug that knocked me flat.

I didn't work on it today --  so much remains undone.

This huge watercolor will get done tomorrow.

The intrique of the piece is of course... the globe holding water.   The image is quiet and the impact is strong.

I hope it all works out according to plan!

Stay tuned...and check back to see the final results.


French Ultramarine Blue
Quin Gold
Transparent Yellow
Winsor Green YS
Burnt Sienna
Shadow Violet
Mineral Violet
Turquoise Blue Light

Looking Through
30" h x 45" w
in progress


RH Carpenter said...

Looking beautiful so far, Carol. I have been hit with a cold - not the flu but a nasty cold that began in the throat and now is in the head :( Weather turns nice and everyone gets sick - what's that all about??

Carol Carter said...

Dunno why we take ill.... or if it's related to the weather.

I am on the mend today... and ready to paint!

I hope you are feeling better too.