Carol Carter

14 October 2011

New Chinese Lanterns from Chinatown Los Angeles

I have taken my hard fought knowledge of how to paint lanterns and applied it to a new painting- in a vertical format.

This one, is obviously going better than the last. I have an understanding of how I want to abstract and simplify all the shapes.

For now.. only the background lanterns have been painted ...and the middle ground ?? Just a few.

There should be some rain on Monday -- which will allow me time to begin the giant foreground lanterns to flesh out the rest of the picture.

I like this one better... and hope to pull it off with mimimal execution!

Chinese Lanterns 2
40" h x 30"w
in progress


Studio at the Farm said...

I like this one better, too, Carol. I hope it rains for hours, so we can see you finished painting!!!

Carol Blackburn said...

It's looking good, Carol.

Carol Carter said...

Thank you all... it's a great start! I hope to finish it soon. Stay tuned for additional pix!