Carol Carter

16 October 2011

More Small Watercolor Studies from FRANCE!

Here again... smaller studies from France... that will work themselves into larger paintings for an exhibition.

I love France..and will be working on this theme in the coming year.

French Farm
French Sheep
5" h x 7" w


kae pea said...

i want to visit France now more than ever! your paintings are (as usual) divine. xokp

Studio at the Farm said...

Hi again. Both scenes with the sheep are lovely.

Carol Carter said...

you come with me next time kristen!

thank you studio..... i love the mouton sheep too

Joan Sandford-Cook said...

Love all your French series - amazing glow to your colours as ever.

Carol Carter said...

Thank you Joan... that glow always creeps in -- whatever i seem to paint! Cheers. I hope your painting is going well...