Carol Carter

19 October 2011

Chinese Lanterns! Watercolor finally finished

I am also developing the Chinese Lanterns series --- and this is an ongoing painting from this week.

I have a little more to do on the foreground lanterns... to add a little more depth to the surface of lanterns.

I am enjoying it so far...and feel like the perspective and execution is challenging!

Am going to take a break from painting this for a while. Will return ito it later~!!

Chinese Lanterns
40" h x 30" w

in progress


A Brush with Color said...

Oh, this is wonderful! Love it! Lush, rich colors, and Ilove the perspective in several of your things here.

Carol Carter said...

Thank you so much. I am glad you are coming to this blog to view my art. I hope your painting is going well today.... I love your name!