Carol Carter

28 October 2011

GLADS are finished and headed to the framers

So.... this painting is finished... I tweaked areas of the blossoms to blend a flow a bit better than the other day.

It has power and explosion -- mostly because of the complexity of composition.

The blossoms seem to burst from the page.

Tell me your ideas for titles... and hopefully it will have a good name by the end of the day.

Rock on CARDINALS!!!

Did anyone see GAME 6 of the WORLD SERIES last night???? AWESOME game and AWESOME finish!!!

Can't wait till this evening's game....

22" h x 30" w
email for purchase


Carol Blackburn said...

It brightens up my day, Carol. Stunning!

Carol Carter said...

Thanks Carol!!! WE are all REDBIRD happy today ...!! AFter the game last night of course....:))

Theresa Evans said...

I have just 'happened' on your blog to find this blaze of flowers! Absolutely stunning and so accomplished.

Carol Carter said...

Thank you Theresa!! I just finished the GLADS... and am happy they caught your eye. Hope your visit to my blog was a pleasant one!


Studio at the Farm said...

They are truly glorious glads, Carol!

Carol Carter said...

Thank you Studio! Say... please tell me your name....:))

Joan Sandford-Cook said...

Love these gladiola - have such light and profusion. Good to see all your happy clients with their chosen works of art.

Carol Carter said...

thank you joan. it was fun and delightful to paint this painting. they aren't always that much fun to do ....

i like to paint work that is joyful at times.... and this one... i believe...comes close!

hope you are good and painting up a storm!