Carol Carter

25 October 2011

Glads coming together

I am happily working on the GLADS painting... in a hurry to finish it tomorrow.

It has been fun... and rewarding to see the tapestry come together.

All giant bouquets of gladiolas that I found in the market in France... have made their appearance in my work.

I have plans to finish this piece tomorrow.. and hopefully post the completed painting here.

Any suggestions for titles?

22" h x 30" w
in progress


Rustique Restoration said...

Wow! So cool Carol! Your work always amazes me.. You just have the most beautiful and unique style.. Truly awesome!

Carol Carter said...

Thank you Jenny.... have been enjoying your work too. You are talented, AND beautiful! Plus.. a loving mother and caring wife. You have it all. !!
Nice to be friends .... hope to meet some day. If I ever travel west... I will definitely look you up.

RH Carpenter said...

Beautiful work and so clean and bright :) Glad to See You? Glorious Glads? I'm sure someone will come up with the perfect title.

Carol Blackburn said...

Carol, it's like a burst of sunlight....!

Studio at the Farm said...

Carol, it is one GORGEOUS painting! I think you could borrow from Carol Blackburn's comment , and call it "Sunburst".

Carol Carter said...

HI Rhonda.... I like your titles.... I will give them some thought!

Yes. Carol.. it is like a burst of sunlight...

Maybe I WILL call it Sunburst! Thank you for the titles all....