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28 December 2010

The LAST Italian painting

This is the last painting in the Italy show. It's a modest thing...but I noticed that I'm looser and freer w/ the paint than when I started. I've learned a lot from doing this exhibition.

There is much to be thankful for in executing such a show over the period of a year.

I learned tons about greens, and distance, and texture, and glaze. I find it completely energizing to paint in acrylic now.

But..... I am anxious to get going on the Everglades-- and to deal solely in watercolor for a while.

This is one of the only acrylics with sky and water. Well, except for the Arno paintings....

Will post the final painting later in the week.

Italy 199
24" h x 24" w
first state
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26 December 2010

Really REALLY early watercolors

I spent the week at my brother's... for Christmas. He showed me two of my earliest watercolors-- framed and hanging on the wall. The cow and the landscape.

I must have done them when I was 12 or 13 in Junior High.

Aren't they precious? I get a kick out of the quality of line and composition.

They seem young... and hopeful.

I'm glad he has them. They were given to him by a family friend.

Cow and Landscape
watercolor, pen and ink
7" h x 4" w
1967 or 1968
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21 December 2010

Small Commission- Acrylic

Here is a really beautiful small commission I did for a client in STL.

The photo was from a special place for her friend.

It was fun, and different and a joy to paint.

Someplace Special
11" h x 14" w
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20 December 2010

Kentucky Lily Acrylic

A little taste of summer to remind us of warmer days!

Here is an acrylic I did a couple of years ago. Its was a bit of a I reworked the foreground several times. In the end- it was looser and more fluid -- to offset the structure of the composition.

It ended up in Kentucky-- to a nice art collecting couple.

Kentucky Lily
48" h x 24" w
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17 December 2010

Watercolor Biennial Invitational in Mexico

Six artists artists from the United States were invited to exhibit in the Mexico City Biennial for Watercolor this December.

Mark Mehaffey, Kathleen Alexander, Nicholas Simmons, Keiko Tanabe, Thomas Schaller, and myself formed the North American Watercolor Artists Association.

The exhibit opened December 5, 2010 and will run through February 2011.

If you get to see it... please take photos and share them with me!

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15 December 2010

Italy Finishes....

I have finished the first painting here.... the long landscape in green. It expands the palette of the Italy show-- adding some acidic green and rust. Tomorrow-- I will see how it integrates into the rest of the exhibition.

The bottom landscape/hillside- is in progress. I am not that motivated to finish this.... but of course....I will.

The cypress tress are just being added to give depth and perspective to the area in between the curved walls.

Italy 190
10" h x 30" w

Italy 191
30" h x 30" w
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13 December 2010

Italy Refinishes.....

I have to finish the last few paintings for Italy.... and do some refinishes to solve some areas.

The last few paintings seem to be a bear to finish!

I don't know why.... I suspect it's because:

1. I'm tired
2. I don't really feel motivated to start another series
3. I want to see the total show up now.
4. I'm fatigued with Italy
5. It's cold.
6. None of the above.
7. All of the above.

So, on a cold bitter day -- I spent the day tweaking these two paintings.

I feel that they are a bit better... but I need to compare/contrast them to the rest of the show tomorrow.

I will set out the other paintings [all 80] to see the fit.

I have begun marketing/promoting the show -- can't wait to see the exhibition come together.

Italy 189, 190
24" h x 24" w
10" h x 30" w
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10 December 2010

Aloha Workshop in KONA HAWAII

Come and paint watercolor with me in KONA HAWAII!

Thursday, Friday, and Saturday- March 10, 11, and 12th

9:30 - 3:30 pm

SKEA is hosting the workshop!

Sign up early for this wonderful opportunity

Cost $150

Limit: 19

Supply List available

Emphasis on this workshop is working with fluid watercolor, brilliant color,-- perfect for painting tropical, lush botanical imagery of Hawaii!
We will paint watercolor each day, with demonstrations and individual instruction.

Contact Diane Tunnell

King Kamehameha Hotel
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07 December 2010

Three Beauties!

These two Italian paintings have found a home with a beautiful client!

I am thrilled and happy that they are going to such a wonderful place.

The Italian Series is slowly being collected. Of course, it's a thrill for me to see them appreciated.

I so look forward to this exhibition and celebrating with my friends.

If you want to be included on a Champagne/Italian Appetizer/Music/Fun bus from St. Louis to Mt. Vernon, IL on the night of my opening-- please contact me via email. I need to include all names and email addresses to those interested.

This will be a wonderful opportunity to see the show without the driving...and have a fun party to boot!

10" h x 30" w

12" h x 12" w

Thank you JAN!
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05 December 2010

Working the Big Watercolor

Some of the past week was spent on this large scale watercolor--- developing depth and motion in the water. It feels good to return to watercolor.

I was a little sidelined but other distractions...but now that school is out-- I should be able to work on this piece continully.

I want to see this piece finished!


Additionally, today I bought my first piece of REAL art from - SUSAN BOSTWICK.

She's a fabulous ceramicist from Edwardsville, IL. I fell in love with her piece at a group show... and just had to have it!

Today-- she delivered it to me..and of course... I am trilled.

Please check out her work at:

You will adore her work.

40" h x 35" w
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03 December 2010

Butterflies are gone! SOLD~~

Sold all these butterfly paintings today ... all 9 of them! Which means... most of that work is now placed.

It's always a thrill to sell art-- and I've been doing more of it this week than before. Hopefully-- that's a sign that things are beginning to change economically. It's been such a long-haul to get through this downturn recession as an artist. I've tried to think outside the box... and do everything I can do to remain an artist.

So... here's to a great day!!

WE all need more days like this in our artistic lives!

Butterfly/Metamorphosis Series
11" h x 14" w

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30 November 2010

Norwegian Arts Magazine: Kunst for Alle

I received today my copy of Kunst for Alle-- an arts magazine based in Oslo, NORWAY. They have a small article on me-- introducing my work.

I don't know what it says-- because it's all in Norwegian... but since Toril interviewed me -- I'm sure its good!

I will be teaching two workshops there in the spring-- and this article shares the detailed information.


Kunst for Alle magazine
December 2010
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29 November 2010


I sold two watercolors today. A great day!

A great client stopped in to the studio and bought two watercolors of the Everglades Series. These two DROP paintings are studies for further works.
I know they'll be happy with them!

Thank you!

11" h x 14" w
3" w x 22" w
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Watercolor! Everglades

I have now begun to switch gears transiting to watercolor again.

I only have one more painting for Italy-- plus a few tweaks.

So.. I decided today to begin painting for the EVERGLADES PROJECT. I am calling it--

ENP [Everglades National Park]

The first painting is a large waterscape of one of the Sloughs. I was very brave at the end of my visit go to a slough by myself. I waited till the evening to photograph. Stepping into the water... and seeing all the reflections and ripples was outstanding.

The painting is very large... and the water is very lush.

I hope to have it completed by tomorrow. Come back to see the progress.

ENP: 1
40" h x 35"w
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21 November 2010

Greeting Cards of Italian Suite Series

They're here!

Greeting cards now available!

I am offering a box of 5 x 7 greeting cards.

* natural archival paper with deckle edge

* 3 painting images

* 6 cards in all plus 1 gift card

* transparent box- labeled with image card

All for only $15.oo a box [plus shipping]

Please place your orders -- and I'll see if I can get them to you in record time~

Italian Suite Greeting Cards
5" h x 7" h
$15.00 per box

Signed copies available too.
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20 November 2010

Italy Almost Done- Thank Gawd

Italy is almost done.

I am trying to finish two final paintings -- and reworking/tweaking a couple more.

The show is done!

Pretty much.

I am happy with the way it's turned out ... and now I'm turning my attention towards marketing/publicizing the exhibition.

I am having art cards printed-- of 3 paintings. You can pre-order a box from me. They are on 100% rag paper with deckle edge- complete box 6 cards, 3 images, one gift card, tranparent box, with a bow for $15.00

Perfect for the holidays~!

Each painting has been a journey for me.

I am spelling out some of that journey by also having a book available. This book will mostly be plates of paintings from the exhibition -- along with a Foreward from the Curator of Visual Art- Rusty Freeman.

I don't know how much the book will be. It's still in infancy.

Italy 173-177
6' H x 18" w
24" h x 24" w
6" h x 18" w
30" h x 30" w
some finished
some still in the works

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15 November 2010

Big Bold and Bright -- Italy acrylic

So... today.. the winding down of the show. I spent most of the morning doing some marketing for the Cedarhurst exhibition. The afternoon was spent painting the newsstand at night. I enjoy the painterliness of the surface. I hope to keep it fresh and loose.

It needs a few more days of work-- and some consideration of detail-- but all in all-- I like where it's going.

I then turned my attention to reworking a larger painting that needed depth. I am reworking the middle ground... and making interest in the buildings.
Not as easy task-- as I don't want to resort to doing the same devices that worked before.
This time around-- I am relying on certain pigments to carry the weight of the painting-- instead of varnish, medium, or aerated paint.

Both paintings aren't done-- but it sure is nice to see them develop.

Italy 174
24" h x 24" w

Italy 173
30" h x 30" w

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