Carol Carter

26 December 2010

Really REALLY early watercolors

I spent the week at my brother's... for Christmas. He showed me two of my earliest watercolors-- framed and hanging on the wall. The cow and the landscape.

I must have done them when I was 12 or 13 in Junior High.

Aren't they precious? I get a kick out of the quality of line and composition.

They seem young... and hopeful.

I'm glad he has them. They were given to him by a family friend.

Cow and Landscape
watercolor, pen and ink
7" h x 4" w
1967 or 1968
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Vicki Holdwick said...

Oh, Carol, these are precious!

And so nice that your brother has them.


RH Carpenter said...

How great that your brother has them on his wall! I think the cow is too cute - and the landscape is very good even done that many year's ago.

Susan Liles said...

Love seeing an artists earliest works when they were young. These are wonderful little paintings you did in your childhood!

Anonymous said...

Just precious, Carol!
Must be uplifting to see them on the wall all framed up....

Carol Carter said...

Vicki, Yes, I think these paintings are precious too. I am glad that my brother cherishes them enough to frame and hang!

It is great that Sam has these paintings.... The cow is funky and the watercolor not bad!

Susan, Great to hear from you. How is your painting? I never thought I'd see my childhood work again... so much of it was given away or lost.

Maggie, It was fun to see them again. It brought back familiar memories of childhood.