Carol Carter

03 December 2010

Butterflies are gone! SOLD~~

Sold all these butterfly paintings today ... all 9 of them! Which means... most of that work is now placed.

It's always a thrill to sell art-- and I've been doing more of it this week than before. Hopefully-- that's a sign that things are beginning to change economically. It's been such a long-haul to get through this downturn recession as an artist. I've tried to think outside the box... and do everything I can do to remain an artist.

So... here's to a great day!!

WE all need more days like this in our artistic lives!

Butterfly/Metamorphosis Series
11" h x 14" w

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Jane said...

Great news! Congratulations, Carol & to the buyer!

Carol Carter said...

thank you jane... so appreciate your support!

RH Carpenter said...

Congratulations, Carol! It's always a boost to sell the work you've created (but you'll always be an artist, even if you never sell another piece - heaven forbid!!!). said...

How very wonderful for you!!! i know what this means for you...but it's not such an enormous surprise, these pieces are ~~~~~ i am not going to put words to them, they are so exquisite (well only one!) Genuine CONGRATULATIONS!

Christiane Kingsley said...

Congratulations, Carol. Well-deserved sales. Your work is so beautiful!

Carrie Waller Watercolors said...

That is fabulous Carol!!!! Merry Early Christmas!!!!

Stan Strembicki said...

I am always surprised to see where the photos we make together show up, and how you work with them! I remember thinking when we took these, what is she going to do with this?

Carol Carter said...

Rhonda...yes.. i totally agree w you... i would always be an artist-- regardless of sales.

Wanda... you are TOO kind! I love reading your post.. and cherish your thought that my work is exquisite. so generous of you -- to say so. i like the butterfly series... it was a transistional time for me.

Thank you Christiane... it's wonderful to have sales... mostly because it enables me to do more work!

Stan... you are near and dear to my heart.. in helping me conceptualzie these pieces. Our collaborations are always fun... and the painting of the pieces is just one more step in the creative process.
call me.. I have another idea for a shoot.