Carol Carter

15 December 2007

Up From the Abyss

large format watercolor-- 40 x 30...... of swimmer for the new portfolio. i needed to add more swimmers for an updated look. trying to infuse them with more psychological energy ---
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15 November 2007


Bolongo Beach Sea Grape -- acrylic 16 x 20 Intense light on the beach.. with an interesting cast shadow........
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Searching for the Light

The painting is a metaphor for my life. A sunflower in search of light.... reaching for clarity and leaving the darkness. The painting is an acrylic on panel- 40 x 12.
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Autumnal Sea Grape

Acrylic on panel- 16 x 20- for the St. Thomas show.
This piece relies upon the glazing technique -- with overlays of washes of Red Iron Oxide and Magenta to glisten and give the final depth of color.
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30 October 2007

Playing with Fire

this older piece is on display in my studio. it's an acrylic on paper- done in 2001. i love the seduction of color here--- and the mysteriousness of pose.
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acrylic on panel
Bolongo Beach in St. Thomas

I loved painting this horizontal painting.... basic, rich and cleverly composed.
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26 October 2007


This is the final version of ISelf. the watercolor is 30 x 40... and is more developed than the maquette. the painting conveys the fragmentation, disorientation, and disillusion i feel at this juncture in my life.
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13 October 2007

Dapple Light

Unfinished painting-- but.. i like the dappling effect of the light on the door. I still have to work on the leaves and foliage in the front. acrylic 16 x 20... from St. Thomas
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St Thomas Palm Too

The second of the two palms.... this one is more complex. I like the composition and the little fly-away fronds.
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St Thomas Palm

Two palm paintings-- acrylic - 16 x 20... represent about 2 weeks worth of work. The paintings are a pair. i'll have to photograph the two together... so you can see how they blend and share shape.
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30 September 2007

Working on smaller watercolors for a show in Ecuador next summer. The work will incorporate swimmers and some garden pieces.
Each painting will be framed and ready for sale in July at the TEATRO CENTRO DEL ARTE in Guayaquil, Ecuador.
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29 September 2007

St Thomas triptych
16 x 20 each panel
working with the idea
of varying juxtaposition of
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26 September 2007


Today in the studio-- i worked on a self portrait i have been thinking about for a while.

the face is broken up into fractures or fragments-- with juxtaposing perspectives and scale.

together.. the pieces make a feeling of disconnect and dissonance... at the same time.. there is a false feeling of unity and portraiture.

the overall composition looks slightly wild and wild-eyed.... a loss gaze.. a sense of fracture....damage...

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15 September 2007

check out this blog!

the above blog is a link to a blogspot -- where the author has written a poem or two.. inspired by my work. it's all in spanish..

13 September 2007

St Thomas

Still working on smaller 16 x 20 paintings of St. Thomas doorways, gates, vines, and light.
I'm reacquainting myself with acrylic. I've been away for about a year from acrylic... and the nuances are hard to recapture. However, I'm enjoying the process...
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12 September 2007

Growth Portrait- 21

40 x 30

this painting is part of an ongoing series
of portraits documenting one individual
over the course of two decades

i plan to continue to paint him
over thenext 10 years
and then reevaluate

to my knowledge
this is the first time someone has
been captured in watercolor
each year of their life
a milestone piece
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05 September 2007

mini -minis

each watercolor measure 5 x 5 inches. they are studies for the
LITTLE PEOPLE/BIG WORLD paintings. each $95. email me !
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Cow Parade

A triptych of cows... from Napa Valley. each panel is 11 x 14 and ready to be installed at C-Train.

i struggled with the shadows underneath... as well as acrylic technique-- as i have been only working with watercolor the last year.
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04 September 2007


Here's another painting of PISSARRO'S GATE. i'm doing 3 in a series. Each panel is 16 x 20, and in acrylic. there's some more painting to be done on this-- but, so far.. off to a good start. i'll begin the 3rd and final panel today... and hopefully work the three together.

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03 September 2007

11 x 14 [each]
sept 5- dec 15 2007
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02 September 2007

Half Empty/Half Full

14 x 11 [each panel]

this triptych is part of an ongoing series about movement, water, flow, motion, reflection, activity. Framed work measures 25 x 20.
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16 x 20

Finally finished this acrylic. I haven't painted acrylic in over a year.. so there was a bit of a learning curve. The perspective is striking.. and what motivated me to paint. The feeling is a dizziness that i like.
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31 August 2007


This is the first painting in a series of work on ST THOMAS, VIRGIN ISLANDS. i spent some time there last spring... teaching watercolor. i didn't get as much imagery to work from as i normally do .. but has caught my eye.

This acrylic is 16 x 20.. and is mid-state. i need to develop more richly the pattern in the leaves. there's a dizzy perspective that i like ... looking up at he the foliage beyond the gate. St Thomas is rich in all of it's winding streets and crannies.... this hidden treasure of the artist's house was particularly intriguing.

i plan to do 6 painting in this series.
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28 August 2007

half empty/half full

This is a from a series of 5 watercolors. each painting measures 14 h x 11 w .........
tell me what you think.!
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