Carol Carter

04 December 2009

New Italy!! Acrylic Paintings

More new paintings from Italy .... I am gearing up to do the middle to last legs of this show in the upcoming month.

The show is up to 17 finished paintings... and I am adding another 20 before it's complete.

I've sold 4 -- and have interest in a few others.

I'm jazzed about this work... and can't wait to show them in the late spring!

I will keep posting work here.... as it develops and changes.

Italy 18, 19, 20
10"h x 36" w $775
12" h x 12" w 475
email for purchase

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Barb Sailor said...

I love this series on Italy. I am a watercolorist and do not work with acrylics, so I am puzzled as to how you get such beautiful, smooth backgrounds with your acrylics - are they sprayed. They are so effective and the colors are so warm and beautiful - very Italian looking.

Unknown said...

Wow! They're great.

Carol Carter said...

well.. i use a lot of blending.. when it comes to skies and such. but the building have a lot of spray..or flicks of paint.

thank you for liking the series.. i'm beginning to have some traction with it... and i can't wait to show them.

what is your website or blog?

thank you both.. barbara and kathy!

Barb Sailor said...

My website is Strokes from the Heart: and my blog is Watercolor in the Village:
Thanks for the info on you background style.

Carol Carter said...

very nice website and WORK! thank you for sharing w/ me your blog.. and paintings...!

Joan Sandford-Cook said...

Not surprised some are selling already Carol as it is such a delightful series of work - but it must keep you very busy catching up with numbers. Colours and glow astonish me. Are you using acrylic inks or thinning down normal acrylic for glazes?

Maria Jose Barrera said...

Un buen trabajo.

Carol Carter said...

these are acrylics- heavy body. i use them thinly... sometimes i splatter the paint. i also use Liquitex Glazing Medium to put between the veils of paint. i hope this helps!