Carol Carter

13 December 2009

another happy customer!

I delivered the large diptych watercolor yesterday-- to a client. It looked spectacular in it's new frame... all shiny and bright!

I hadn't seen it the packing for transportation had to stay on until delivery.

What a great thrill to see it in presentation form!

They also purchased 3 small figurative swimmers -- which were already hanging in the stairwell.

That makes for about 10 paintings of mine that they've collected.

Florida Corkscrew Swamp
48" h x 68" w

Figurative Swimmers
20" h x 14" w
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Unknown said...

Fantastic!! I'm thrilled for you, and your paintings are spectacular.

Jeanette Jobson said...

Wow you are on a roll with sales lately! Wonderful news. The swamp piece is fabulous and so large. I wish I were brave enough to tackle a piece that big.

And the swimmers in the stairwell are gorgeous, love the colours.

Carol Carter said...

thanks kathy and jeanette.... sales have picked up a bit.. and i hope it continues. it's ALL about marketing.. to keep your work out there. best for wonderful holiday to you both