Carol Carter

29 December 2009

Two New/One Finished- Acrylics

I have had no time in the studio this week -- as I am moving my house from one neighborhood to another. At times it's overwhelming -- but I am almost done!

I will probably be totally moved just in time to return back to teaching this semester~

Anyway, here are two paintings that I've started. They are in the first state -- so you can see preliminary sketch.

The last one- the newspaper stand -- is completely done. I added some small red particles to finish off a shadow- which totally pops and vibrates. I am happy.

So.. my blog friends... I will take another break from studio work and settle in my new home. I will return to the studio when the dust settles!

Thanks to everyone who have helped me move. I appreciate your help! An especially big "thank you" to Evan :-))..

Italy 38, 39
12" h x 12" w

Italy 37
12" h x 12" w

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Unknown said...

Congratulations on your new home! I look forward to seeing your work when you're able to begin again.

Joan Sandford-Cook said...

The Italian archway has such wonderful colours and perspective. Like it as it is even if you say only early stage. but I know you will do amazing things with this beginning.
I wish you every happiness in your new home and for 2010 Carol. What a busy lady.

thespiritofcorean said...

I love your art. i am happy to be here. thanks.