Carol Carter

31 October 2010

What's the Buzz on the Playground?

What's the Buzz on the Playground? Art of Today from St. Louis: current exhibition at the CEDARHURST CENTER FOR THE ARTS in Mt. Vernon, IL.

The opening last night was a gala affair.

Fifteen artists from St. Louis chosen by Mary Sprague were featured:

Dickson Beall- filmaker
Ahzad Bogosian - painter
Mary Borgman- drawing
Carol Carter- painter
Sue Eisler- mixed media
Dan Gualdoni- printmaker
Joan Hall- paper
MajorieHoetzel- textiles
Tom Huck- printmaker
Tim Liddy- painter
Peter Marcus- printmaker
Adrew Millner- digital print
Lyndsey Stouffer- sculpture
Cindy Tower- painter
Mark Weber- painter

The exhibition was stellar-- so inviting and engaging. There is some terrific art in St Louis! I felt so proud to be represented. The figurative swimmers that were displayed were centered in the middle of the room.

It was a delightful to see so many of my friends represented too. Thank you Mary- for all the hard work you did. The show looks great!

Cedarhurst Center for the Arts
2600 Richview Road
Mt. Vernon, IL

October 30- December 5, 2010

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29 October 2010

Italy- last of the little ones

I finally received the larger panels yesterday from Ampersand... so I've begun the larger paintings to finish the show.

And... I can tell you.. I am ready!

Ready to be done with it... ready to wrap it up... ready to move on.

It's been a fun year.... painting all the wonderful memories and places... but I feel a pull towards watercolor and some different imagery.

I'm not sure quite what yet... but I know it will come.

6" h x 18" w
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27 October 2010


The Amerpersand panels are here! I called the company yesterday and talked with Andrea.

She was instrumental in helping track down my orders.... and speed mail it to me today!

Yay for Andrea~

She also looked on my website- and liked my work.

What customer

So in the meantime.. I tweaked and fussed over these two paintings and finally drew them to conclusion.

Here they are!

Now, all I have to work on is the larger panels and then the show is complete.

Italy 165 and 166

6" x 18" w

10" h x 30" w
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23 October 2010

The Last of ITALY

I am down the final stretch of the ITALIAN SERIES. I am working small panels until the larger ones come in the mail.

The latest paintings are 6" h x 18"w.

The umbrella painting is a rework of a piece I wasn't too happy with from before. I am getting more pleased.

It won't be much longer before the show is complete-- and I can turn my attention to commissions and the EVERGLADES.

Italy 164
10" h x 30" w

Italy 165, `166
6" h x 18" w

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20 October 2010

Two Small Italian landscapes

While waiting for my larger panels -- I am working on 4 small landscapes for the show.

I am ready to work larger -- but.. this will have to do.

I envision these painting hanging one on top of the other-- and creating a venetian blind kind of look.

The top painting is complete, the bottom painting is only worked on for one day.

Italy 160, 161
6" h x 18" w
kind of finished
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19 October 2010

Small Nude

This beautiful watercolor is in museum framing-- recessed linen mat, archival backing, flat elegant moulding.

It is from an exhibition I did on small nudes several years ago.

I am offering it for sale now -- but have kept it close to me for a few years-- because I like it so much.

Small Nude
6" h x 11" w
16" h x 20" w
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16 October 2010

Finally finished...

Italy again.

I think this one's finished.

Italy 158
10" h x 30" w
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15 October 2010

Two in the works... from Italy

I have been waiting and waiting for my panels to come from CHEAP JOES.... but for some reason -- they have been delayed for 1 1/2 months! yikes! so ... i've made do with working on tons of little one.

CHEAP JOES has promised to ship the larger panels at the end of next week... we shall see....

so.. here... are two smaller paintings that i've been developing the past week. the bottom one is done... [i think].. and the top is have a devil of a time getting finished.

there is much left to do on it... but it has changed directions now.. and has momentum.

Italy 158, 159
10" h x 30" w
mostly finished....
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13 October 2010

Italy Nearing the End

So... here is the last of the Italian paintings...
It's a pastoral landscape-- somewhere outside of Luca. I've finally gotten the hang of several of the pigments that allow me to work the surface of paint -- but still remain depth and lush in color.

It's almost like craft-paint --- but the matte looks does better for the follow up glazes.

Now that I'm almost finished... I'm a little sad to see the hard work draw to a close.

I have only two more panels [still waiting for them from Cheap Joe's].. and a few little one.

Hurry up!

Italy 158
10" h x 30" w
second state
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11 October 2010

Italy -- small ones

Three views of recent small paintings for my Italy exhibition.

The measure 10" h x 10" w -- and are jewel like in the color and palette.

I did 25 in all-- and several have already been sold.

Italian Series
10" h x 10" w each
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I am doing the last of the paintings for the Italian Series exhibition. They are coming as fast as before. They are more deliberate and thought out.
I have been trying to finish the show with a bang... and not a bust.

However, I've already completed 70 pieces for the show... which I've never painted this many for one show.


There is a huge amount of anticipation to see all the paintings together. Can't wait!

Italy 157
10" h x 30" w
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I sold this watercolor last week. It will be going to TX to a fine home.

It's always rewarding to have the work leave the studio -- and after the long a difficult recession-- this sale is an affirmation that things are beginning to lift!

Shout Out
14" h x 9" w
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10 October 2010

Wings in the City

Here is the WINGS IN THE CITY opening of 54 butterflies decorated by local artists.

These fiberglass forms became stunning works of art-- all to be auctioned off for resource to provide creative arts and materials for seriously ill children.

This is called WINGS OF HOPE. It's a nationwide organization.

The opening last night was a gala affair -- with gorgeous food, tuxs and gowns, big band orchestra, amazing warm temperature, and good company.

My butterfly sold BEFORE auction -- which was amazing.
I was thrilled and surprised.

Each sculpture had a donor -- and mine was E.M. Harris Construction.

The front is a BLUE MORPHO butterfly
The back is a MONARCH butterfly

I named my butterfly: BUTTERFLY FOR DANIELLE-- in honor of Danielle Barrier Harmon. Danielle was a talented and loving artist and college professor from Valdosta, GA. She was a wife, mother, artist, professor, friend, special soul. She is missed.

Many MANY people worked hard to make this event so successful!

Butterfly for Danielle
acrylic butterfly
5' wide x 5' high

sold at opening


front- Blue Morpho
back- Monarch

EM Harris Donor

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08 October 2010


i had to demonstrate some technique on a painting for a videographer to photograph.

i chose an old painting to do this -- out came the butterflies.

subsequently -- i worked a little more on it -- and began to like the outcome.

here is a rework of an older, less successful painting.

the other work... is the finished painting of the Italy series.

it's the 25th piece of the small 10" h x 10" w series.

that's a lot of little ones!

each one spacial and unique.

together... they make a wonderful way... separately.. they sing.

Butterfly Bush
16" h x 20" w

Italy 155
10" h x 10" w
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07 October 2010

Italy again

3 small acrylics... done this week.

each has differing properties of it's own.

I brought them out of the stack to rework some of the nuances... and make them richer in depth and interest.

I like the look of the third... where i sanded off the image to give a ghostly quality to the cityscape.

what do you think?

i plan to leave it vague and mysterious.

Italy 153, 154, 155
10" h x 10" w

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06 October 2010


This young man came to my studio to interview me for an English paper at Forest Park Community College. He was completely charming and attentive to my words and answers.

I enjoy sharing my comments with young people -- those starting out on their journey of self expression.

He plans to be a photo journalist --- and switching to MIZZOU in the fall.
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