Carol Carter

13 October 2010

Italy Nearing the End

So... here is the last of the Italian paintings...
It's a pastoral landscape-- somewhere outside of Luca. I've finally gotten the hang of several of the pigments that allow me to work the surface of paint -- but still remain depth and lush in color.

It's almost like craft-paint --- but the matte looks does better for the follow up glazes.

Now that I'm almost finished... I'm a little sad to see the hard work draw to a close.

I have only two more panels [still waiting for them from Cheap Joe's].. and a few little one.

Hurry up!

Italy 158
10" h x 30" w
second state
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Gabe said...

Una prospettiva veramente al top! Congratulazioni!

Joan Sandford-Cook said...

Delightful panoramic landscape piece. Can't wait for Anita and I to get there next May and paint, paint, paint!!!

What will you do with yourself when you have finished all these wonderful Italian works??????

Jeanette Jobson said...

Just beautiful. I think this is one of my new favourites!

Susan Roux said...

Your trip and exhibition sound amazing. How did you come upon this opportunity? Perhaps you already blogged that. Can you send me the link please?

Carol Carter said...

gabe... thank you!!! love that you post.

Joan... hurry up and go to italy! you will love it. i am envious of your trip!
when i finish the italy series... i will begin the work on the Everglades.

jeanette-- i think it's one of my favorites too.

susan-- the trip to italy was great. i made the show out of the images i gathered from that excursion. soon.. a museum picked up the show... now.. it's all coming together next winter. i wil send you the url for the show when it gets closer to the opening.

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