Carol Carter

03 October 2010


Only 4 more little ones to finish for my show..... it's been a marathon! I believe I've done 22 paintings for the show... and here are the last 5.

The first is of the MEDICI CHAPEL - behind the DUOMO. It's a night scene... and was fun to create the inky black sky.

There is no dark DARK night in FLORENCE.... the sky always has some blue.

The second is a stature... somewhere near the ARNO. There is statuary all over the town.

I am trying to flesh is all the different imagery from the city.

The third jpeg is of a beginning painting -- more to come on this tomorrow.

I have enjoyed painting the smaller pieces.. but am itching to get to the larger panels -- which are coming from CHEAP JOES.

Italy 148,149, 150
10" h x 10" w
different states of finished and completion
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