Carol Carter

31 March 2010


It was a fruitful day in the studio today .... i finished one painting, made good strides with another, and took a third and totally reworked it.

The days in between teaching are filled with lots of energy and motivation to get the show done.

it won't be long now... only 6 more paintings to go!

Italy 65
12" h x 24" w
mostly finished

Italy for WALL BALL
36" h x 36" w
to be finished on Saturday night at WALL BALL
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29 March 2010

Italy- Half done

i have been working on an italy painting today. this is the half way point for me. there are some things i like-- and some things need to be deepened.

the wedge needs to be developed further and more color needs to be added.

there's a lot of interest in the bikes.. and i like the striking light and cast light from windows.

it's beginning to be spring-- so feel as though it's easier to paint -- and light is beginning to stream back into my work.

Italy 65
20" h x 20" w
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21 March 2010

International Artist Magazine- April/May 2010

I just bought my copy of INTERNATIONAL ARTIST Magazine April/May issue.

Inside is a 10 page article.

My work is on the cover.

The magazine is by a publisher in Australia.

If you happen to see it in a bookstore... let me know!

International Artist
April/May 2010
book stores everywhere
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International Artist Magazine

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19 March 2010

Italy- a sense of scale

This shows a bit of the scale of the work-- and the installation I have in mind for the final exhibition. Which should be in the fall... hopefully...

Each piece is smaller scale and interchangeable. The color palette for the show is all related.. so one pieces flows into the next.

The paintings are all compatible.
I plan to hang them at the same height -- around the room... interspersing size and format. It will appear like a juxtaposed panorama of Italy -- a cacophony of images from a trip. There will be no groupings or distinctions of locations or comparisons.

I want the viewer to feel like they are seeing a ream of images - postcards or travel photos-- all jumbled together.. and disjointed.

In the end.. it will feel like a spontaneous view of Italy-- but without too much script or formality!


Little Italy
5 paintings
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17 March 2010


LA PALABRA-- a collaborative exhibit created by Rene-Michel Trapaga -- who enlisted the help of 13 artist to narrate and illustrate this fictional town.
I was one of the artists chosen-- along with Mary Sprague, Elisa Forgleman, Patrick Shook, Nell Ruby, Bill Vann, John Nagel, Lisa Willis Fister, Chuck Groth, Mary Eigel, Amy Fister, Renee Petty, and Rosemary Nagel.
Together we have created a 28 limited edition print series.
Plus a book.
The proceeds from the sale of the prints and books goes to
Opening Friday MARCH 19th, Maryville Univerisity, Morton May Gallery
6-9 pm
Artists will be present.
Refreshments will be served.
Come and support a good cause!

15 March 2010

New ITALY- acrylic

I have been working overtime -- to get the show done. There is a deadline looming of April 30 -- when I leave for the Everglades. I want to have the Italy show completed and ready to go.

I've already sold 3 -- so need to finish another 6 to make it complete.

Here is a night time view of the Arno in Florence. It didn't come out as deep originally thought -- but I like it nonetheless.

There is an evening glow and sparkle to the lights. I remember the evening well ... when I went out with Stan Strembicki to view Florence after sunset.

10" h x 30" w

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14 March 2010

Happy Clients

Yesterday -- the most interesting couple drove here from KY-- to pick up their 4 paintings.
They are so nice -- and fun to know.

I was overwhelmed with their enthusiasm for adding me to their collection. I look forward to seeing the digitals of the installation from them.

Thank you Karin and Rick!

Happy dance.
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13 March 2010


These great friends are assembling a puzzle by HASBRO with a watercolor of mine as the image.

Several years ago-- HASBRO contacted me with an opportunity to work with them to do a puzzle. They chose a watercolor -- of iris.

The puzzle was in many stores across the world-- even ECUADOR [where i saw them] for a whole year.

It was quite exciting to share them ... although I only got to buy them at the stores... and not that many.

In many respects -- it was harder to put together than paint the painting!

At the end -- you can 'frame' the painting/puzzle and hang it.
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10 March 2010

SWIC- Growth Portraits- 2010

The installation is down .. and the show is over. But... it was a great exhibition and a nice opening.

Here are several installation photos for you to see the scale and dimension of the watercolors.

Thank you Ray and Danielle -- for making the trip to document this installation .

Growth Portraits
30" h x 40" w [each]

Southwestern Illinois College
Schmidt Art Center
Belleville, IL

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04 March 2010

italy!! i hope you're not getting tired

hey .... i am finishing the last of the 8 paintings for my show on Italy... titled


here are two more .. finished yesterday.. and set aside to move on with the last 6. i am trying REAL hard not to lose focus or determination.

this was a huge effort for a small scale exhibition- but, in between all these paintings... i taught 4 classes of watercolor, one workshop, MOVED my home of 18 years.. downsized, moved several times within my NEW bungalow.. [because it wasn't finished....]... dealt with winter.. Christmas.. etc etc.

what can i say?

life is sometimes complex!

but.. i LOVE this show.. and I LOVE ITALY.. and I want others to see how beautiful and exotic it is there.

happy day!

Italy 55
24" h x 12"w
Italy Duomo
10" h x 10" w
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03 March 2010

little italy duomo

this painting is nearing completion.... only a small thing... but such a magnificent subject!

i wanted to do the Doumo justice... but felt that it's been so painting before.. there was no original way for me.

so.. i settled on a tiny, inconsequential statement .... just a breath of air about the majestic cathedral.

Little Italy
10" h x 10" w
mostly finished
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01 March 2010

hollyhocks! acrylic

this painting has never really been seen or featured... although it remains one of my favorites. it reminds me of my bungalow now.. where i live.

it's strangely "old fashioned" in it's intent and execution.

i wanted to share it here... mostly because it reminds me of spring -- and that's what the first day of MARCH is all about !

Arts n' Crafts Hollys
40" h x 14" w
email for purchase
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