Carol Carter

13 March 2010


These great friends are assembling a puzzle by HASBRO with a watercolor of mine as the image.

Several years ago-- HASBRO contacted me with an opportunity to work with them to do a puzzle. They chose a watercolor -- of iris.

The puzzle was in many stores across the world-- even ECUADOR [where i saw them] for a whole year.

It was quite exciting to share them ... although I only got to buy them at the stores... and not that many.

In many respects -- it was harder to put together than paint the painting!

At the end -- you can 'frame' the painting/puzzle and hang it.
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Meera Rao said...

Thats pretty neat!

Nancy Goldman said...

What a wonderful way to have more people enjoy your art. I am surprised that they didn't offer you a better way to buy them. Are they still available?

Carol Carter said...

thanks meera!! so kind of you to write.

nancy... they didn't sell me more than 3. i had to run around to all the stores and buy what i could find. in the end.. i think i only found about 40.
they are no longer available.. although you could check on amazon or ebay to see if you can find them! good luck!