Carol Carter

21 March 2010

International Artist Magazine

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Janet Belich said...

Been to Borders twice now to get this magazine ! They'll get it in one of these days ...aarrrg.
Looks great ! Congratulations !!!

Carol Carter said...

yes.. i KNOW~ i went to several stores..before i found it. keep trying and let me know how you like it!

Srishti said...

Hmm... Borders! OK! I'll hunt mine down too.... Wish me luck!
I am so happy for you :D

Chris Beck said...

Very pleased to see this, Carol!! I know my Borders will have it -- the question is when. I'll let you know as soon as I see it on the shelves.

Carol Carter said...

Srishti! borders will have it soon. i bought a few copies at Barnes/Noble. thank you so much for your support!

chris.. i hope you like it when you see article. it's a kick to see how they laid it out. thanks so much for your support!

Carrie Waller Watercolors said...

That is amazing that you are on the cover!!!! Your work is beautiful! I subscribe to this magazine, hopefully my copy will come soon. Congratulations!!!

Carol Carter said...

thank you for liking my cover! i hope your opy comes real soon too.. and that you tell me how you like it! happy painting!

Srishti said...

Got mine in mail today. IT's amazing!!! Love it!
A big Congratulations once again!

Carol Carter said...

Thanks Srishti! thanks so much for your support.
i wish we could meet! you sound like a neat person.
thank you always for your comments. they are so fun to read.
Hugs back < 0 > carol