Carol Carter

01 March 2010

hollyhocks! acrylic

this painting has never really been seen or featured... although it remains one of my favorites. it reminds me of my bungalow now.. where i live.

it's strangely "old fashioned" in it's intent and execution.

i wanted to share it here... mostly because it reminds me of spring -- and that's what the first day of MARCH is all about !

Arts n' Crafts Hollys
40" h x 14" w
email for purchase
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Joan Sandford-Cook said...

Beautiful colours Carol. See you are bravely working away at the Italian show new pieces. All a delight. Thought I was known as a 'colourist' with all my bright flowers, but you put me to shame.

Carol Carter said...

thank you joan,.... i am happy with this piece.... but i did it last year.. and no longer paint on birch board.
italy show is almost done. i will be exhibiting it in september. i wanted to make an april deadline.. but too many details of life/school/work/recession got in the way! best.

Sandy Maudlin said...

Love that your new home must be special like this painting. Beautiful!!!

Carol Carter said...

thanks sandy.. . new home is on FB.. if you want to see! i miss you!!! let's cross paths some day soon. hope painting/traveling/teaching/workshopping is going well. hugs.